Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Opinion on Extensions!

I've been asked more times than I can count if my hair is all real or if I have extensions in! I've even had people pull on my hair to try and call my bluff!
Once they realize my hair is ALL mine, the residual question is generally; "What's your opinion on extensions?"

There are 2 Types:
1. Bonded Extensions: Small bundles of hair attached close to the root of your natural hair. 
$ - When getting Bonded extensions, you have to pay for the hair itself and as well the professional service of having them put in, maintained and removed. This can cost thousands of dollars
Pro's: You don't have to take the hair on and off daily (it isn't attractive to pull wefts of hair off your head before getting into bed with your Boo!), you don't have to wash the extensions separately from your natural hair
Con's: Bonded extensions can often cause damage to your natural hair - stress on the roots, tight bond can rip hair out or break natural hair at the bond point. Bonded hair extension generally don't look natural and more often than not they look STRINGY! Our hair doesn't grow out of the root in bundles! You have to invest in special brushes, shampoos and conditions and have to be VERY careful when styling your hair with hot tools!
2. Clip-In Extensions: Large Wefts of Hair with clips to attach and detach from your natural hair. 
$ - Price can range quite dramatically for clip in extensions, depending on if the hair is synthetic or natural and the quality of the hair. You should be able to get a great set of $300.00 and your stylist should offer to trim them for you at no cost! 
Pro's: If clipped in properly these can look 100% like your natural hair because the hair is free falling rather than bundled. You can style without concern with hot tools. Minimal to zero damage to the your natural hair with clip in extensions. Other than the initial cost of the hair there should be no further expenses to maintain them. 
Cons: Have to take them in and out daily. Washing is done separately from your natural hair.

To sum it up, I am not a fan of permanent bonded hair extensions. 
 Jenny Humphrey of Gossip Girl is sporting bonded extensions, look how stringy they look! Next time you are watching GG watch out for the bonds, I spot them every time! YUCK!

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  1. I loathe Taylor Momsen's extensions! They're awful - you're right, I can definitely spot them a mile away. I'm obviously not a fan of bonded extensions either :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for this post. I always dream of having fuller, thicker hair and have thought about extensions on numerous occassions. I just never knew how damaging bonded extensions were - this clears it up! I think I'll stick to my natural locks for now :)