Friday, April 2, 2010

Amika:Stylers My New BFF

Okay Ladies, Lift Beauty Boutique has been around for years now
But It isn't until now that we are selling HOT TOOLS!

Reason: I hadn't found a brand that I really fell IN LOVE with enough to share with my beloved clients!

2010 is the year of HOT TOOLS for the Lift Beauty Girls!
My suggestion: AMIKA-Stylers...
The post could go on forever if I gave you EVERY reason why I love these stylers, so instead, I give you the main points!

We'll start with the Amika Flat Irons:

  • First of all they come in some super cute and totally fun prints and Colours!
  • They have "Floating Plates" which prevent creasing on the hair, which means easy styling into STRAIGHT style, Wavey Style and CURLY style.
  • They Have NANO-technology which helps your hair hold on to moisture and shine and as well removes pollutants and bacteria from your hair.
  • The Amika Iron also has 100% ceramic plates rather than coated plates!
  • They use Infrared technology too, which helps lock in moisture and keeps your colour looking fresh!
On To the Curling Irons (My personal Fav's)
  • Okay Ladies, you want easy... I'll give you easy!! These wickedly hot tools are something I can't live without anymore! I have the 3p Set which comes with 3 different removable heads for different styling needs! A small, medium and large barrel come with this set which means you can get an infinite amount of different styles from this one purchase!
  • The reason I suggest these to people who have a hard time styling there hair, is because the were made with the saying K.I.S.S (Keep it simple stupid) in mind! You will notice the irons don't have a "clip" or Marcel! Instead the iron comes with a heat resistant glove because all you have you to do, is WRAP your luscious locks around the barrel and HOLD!
**Okay, too much babbling, you have seen my hair done with these irons a number of different times but here's a recap:

*For More Info, Call us at 416-960-5438
These are special order items at the moment, so let us know what you want and we will bring it in JUST for you! Xo 

Also, visit For more info and videos on how to style! 

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