Saturday, May 29, 2010

Free Free Free

Okay Ladies, over the past week or so I have shown you some of the new summer items that Lift Beauty Boutique and Lift Cosmetics have to Offer!
As of today, they are available for pre-sale!!! Some of these items are Limited Edition, so if you've seen something on here that you NEED to have, call us to have it put aside for you...

For the month of June, Mini Make-up Applications are on us!
Call us to book your complimentary Make-up Application to try our new products!

Can't wait to see you...

New Items:

Glosses: Mint Pink Extravaganza, Mint Sunburst

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tip of the Day

I know I have rambled about shampooing & conditioning -> how often you should be doing it and all about PH levels and their relation to oily hair!

I've never given you any tips on techniques for Shampooing & Conditioning your hair!
I know this sounds silly; it isn't rocket science, but there are a few little tricks I would love to share with you!
1. Good Shampoo can be Pricey, to avoid wasting that good stuff make sure that you hair is SOAKING wet. If your hair is soaked you will be able to use less shampoo but still get that lather we all want!
2. Do no apply the shampoo to your ends, apply the shampoo to your roots and massage it in! Once your roots are all sudsy rub the excess bubbles into your ends. Then bring your ends up to your roots and massage again!
3. Do the opposite with conditioner from what I just said with Shampoo! Only apply conditioner to your ends and the mid shaft of the hair. Massage into the hair to make sure it is all coated!
4. With a jaw clip wrap your hair into a bun and clip it back. Kill some time in the shower by shaving your legs! When you are ready to rinse out the conditioner, get under the water flow and  massage your hair into your roots! The water will rinse the conditioner out while you are moisturizing your roots just slightly!
*Try these tips out and let me know if you notice a difference in your hair!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Trend - White Linner

White Liner for Summer

No matter what ANY make-up company says, during the hot summer months my eye liner always smudges 
(unless I use Lift Liquid Liner, but sometimes I don't want such a heavy BLUNT line) leaving darkness under my eyes!
Luckily the summer trend for 2010 is WHITE LINER!! If is smudges it will just look like highlight! YAY!

So, Lift Cosmetics will be launching our White Liner - highlight stick for summer  2010 on June 1st!

This super creamy formula glides on just like the rest of our liners, and can be layered - your choice - strong white line, soft white line, or amazing highlight for the brow bone, water line, inner eye or cheek bones!
A little white liner, a tonne of mascara, a light dust of bronzer and a hot pop of colour on the lips will be my go to for the summer!
To Get this Look:
ALL Lift Cosmetics
Skin: Flawless Finish - Butter Cream
Cheeks: Sun Touched Bronzer
Eyes: HighLight Stick - White
Lips: Gloss - Mint Pink Extravaganza
*This is such a quick and easy look to great!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Celebrity Make-up Artist Chooses LIFT Cosmetics, again!

I don't know about you Ladies, but I'm a sucker for The Hills and The City... I think mostly it's to see the hair, make-up and fashion, but I wont deny that I also love watching the drama! 

I recently have been chatting back and forth with MTV Make-up artist, LUCKY and as you may know she has been using some LIFT Cosmetics on Host - Jessi.

I wanted to share the latest look with you! I adore a red lip, but it must be done properly! Lucky has the perfect touch! Here's what she used:

This look may be a bit strong for day to day wear, but if you tone it down a little (we don't need TV make-up) than it could be worn any day of the week!

For a more summer friendly red lip, visit us, to try our new Lip Gloss - Arriving on Shelves June 1st! "Mint Sunburst" is the perfect summer red!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sneak Peak at some of Lift Cosmetics' Summer Collection

Remember when we were kids.. Out in the hot summer sun with the stain of yummy Popsicles on our lips?
Lift Cosmetic' Summer Collection 
(Available June 1st)
reminds me of those young summer days..
 Hot Popsicle Pink & Orange Lips!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Product Review on a New LIFT Cosmetics Launch

Those of you who know our line well, know that our original mascara 
SUPERLASH, is unreal!
I have been completely loyal to it for the past 4 years and have had numberous strangers ask what mascara I use, because my lashes always look so full!
Lift Cosmetics will soon be launching (June 1st) their new mascara LASHLUXE! 
Over the past month I have been using LashLuxe so that I could give you an informative review of the product!


The first time I used the mascara I was in shock and awe of how long my lashes really were, but I wasn't sure if it was the formula or the applicator.

I was concerned that the applicator was the reason for my super long lashes so I cleaned off an old wand and tried it with the LashLuxe formula and to my surprise, the formula held up to the test!!!
The New LashLuxe Mascara has a water base with a high content of paraffin. You generally know paraffin as a hand or foot treatment used to repair, soften and moisturise. In our mascara it does the same for your lashes, while leaving them soft, plyable and healthy! The paraffin also helps to add length because of it's buildable quality.
Hope you'll give this new Formula a shot! It's now my "go to!"


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Successful Girls Night In at Lift!

Thanks Ladies for Organizing an Amazing Night for a Great Cause!
Left to Right: Lauren (Lift Beauty Girl), Farah, ME, Anjali, Joy, Aanchal
Photo Cred: Arianne of

As I am sure you are all aware, last Friday night the above ladies hosted an amazing night at Lift Beauty Boutique

Cup Cakes, Wine, Hair Styling, Make-up Apps and Girl Talk... oh my! What more could we possibly ask for!
 Our attendees arrived looking great, but left looking Stunning with thanks to the Lift Beauty Boutique Staff and the hosts themselves!
 Hope to see all of you lovely ladies again soon!
Remember, the Lift Beauty Girls Travel!
In home parties are a blast and super affordable for ANY event - Birthdays, Bachlorettes, Bridal Showers or just a fun girls night in! We bring the tools for hair, make-up and nails - You sit back and get the salon pampering in your home! For more info call 416-960-5438!

Make-up Used: Lift Cosmetics
Hair Products: Osis and Moroccan Oil

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Weekend!

I'm SOOOO tired from this week! 
Off to Lauren's Last Bridal Shower - The big day is coming up!!
Hope you're all having a great weekend!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rule of Thumb for Hair

So, for the last week I have been pushing our event "Girls Night In at Lift" for the Canadian Cancer Society but now it's over! I wanted to say thanks for all of the help and support it was such a great success and a lot of fun! I will post pictures soon!

Now on to blogging and my regular tips and tricks...

I've been asked too many times to count, "How often should I be getting my hair trimmed?"

Most Hair Stylist will give you the generic answer of "Every 6-8 weeks!" They give this answer for 2 reasons; 
1. For maximum hair health the 6-8 week period will ensure CLEAN ends!
2. Because it get's you back in their chair FREQUENTLY meaning more $$$ for them!

Here's the truth in it all:

The amount of time that you wait between cuts/trims depend on your hair style, your hair length and your hair type!

Let's start with Style: If your hair is extremely "styled," meaning bangs, heavy layering or asymmetrical than you will need to visit your stylist more regularly than someone who has a simple "traditional cut." 
Why you ask? 
Extra length on a very precise and artistic cut can alter the desired shape and design. You may notice that after just 3-4 weeks you feel your hair cut has "lost it's shape."

 On To Hair Length:
Short - Have you ever noticed that the men in your life generally get there hair cut 3 or 4 times the amount that you do? It isn't because their hair grows faster, it's because growth is far more noticeable on short hair than long! Those of you who have short hair, are rarely getting their hair cut to remove split ends, it's to maintain the shape of your style! People say short hair is the lowest maintenance, I totally disagree... I think it's the highest maintenance.
Length of time you should be going between cuts? hmmm, depends on your personal preferences.. as I mentioned you wont be cutting for hair health, so only you will know when your style has grown out! My short cut client's usually visit me every 4-6 weeks to maintain a flawless shape!
Medium - Medium length locks with a traditional cut can go the longest between trims! Why? Because when it grows out it just looks like a long version of your original cut, and your hair isn't so long that the ends split quickly. For you, I say wait as long as you want between cuts! When you desire a new style or your ends start to feel dry... visit your stylist!
Long - Us long locks ladies: 8 weeks should be your maximum wait period between cuts if you want your long hair to look full and healthy! Reason: Think about how old the hair at your ends is... YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS old! I would say my ends are about 6-7 years old. In those 6-7 years I have washed my hair too many times to count, blow dried it, curled it, straightened it, sat in the sun with it, swam with it SOOOOO many times! This repeat ware on the hair is very damaging. The longer your hair, the older your hair, the older your hair the more damaged your hair, the more damaged your hair the more split ends you get the more split ends - the more cuts you need!!!
*Long haired ladies always say "my hair stops growing after a certain length" THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! Here's the reason why it seems that way - Split ends break off the hair shaft, which makes the hair shorter. If you don't trim your hair, it will trim itself in a detrimental way and you will never notice growth because it's breaking off before you can see the difference! Hair breakage also results in an uneven, straggly, and fried look!

Last but not least, Hair Type:
Most Hair types react to the elements relatively the same. However if you have naturally dry hair or THIN hair, you must visit your stylist more frequently! Blame genetics for that!
Dry hair and thin hair, at whatever length will naturally deteriorate faster than other hair types. I suggest regular visits for a trim every 6 weeks for you ladies!

*Styling your hair with product and hot tools can also effect the length between when you need to revisit your stylist. Using heavy products with a high alcohol level will cause the hair to dry out and split = extra visits for trims. The same thing applies to using BAD hot tools without protecting the hair with GOOD products! To prevent damage from styling I suggest the following products:
Amika Irons
Buff (Styling cream and protector) by Osis 
Moroccanoil® Glimmer Shine Spray

Friday, May 14, 2010

Today's the day!

Okay Ladies, Tonight's the night to be at LIFT!
I've been posting about this event for weeks now and I hope so much that I'll see you there!
Remember it's only 
(which goes straight to the Canadian Cancer Society)
You'll get BEAUTIFIED by some wicked artists!
Not only that but there will be cupcakes galore, wine will be flowing and great company will be had! 
*This is a great opportunity to try some new products and play with new styles!
Next week I will blog about the event and post some pictures.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

About: Lift Cosmetics

Here on the Lift Beauty Boutique Blog, I write about numerous product lines, but predominantly when discussing make-up I refer to Lift Cosmetics
So, here's the basic info about Lift Cosmetics...

Lift Cosmetics was developed with the consumer in
mind, by two Canadian makeup artists Emily and Lauren. 
Lift Cosmetic products are price
conscious as well as skin conscious.
Fortified with anti-oxidants, vitamins and
proteins to strengthen your skin, Lift Cosmetics
are as good for your skin as they are easy to
use. With a wide range of colours to choose
from you are sure to find the look that’s perfect
for you and your skin. 
 Lip Glosses: Lift Cosmetics Glosses are loved for their easy application, shiny appearance, long lasting wear and non-sticky finish. With antioxidants, proteins and oils that moisturize and repair much like a balm, you lips are sure to notice the difference.
Hint of Mint Lip Glosses: Hint of Mint Lip
Glosses are formulated with all of the same
enriching ingredients and benefits as our
original Lip Glosses. These super hydrating
Glosses have the added benefit of Aloe,
Vitamins C and E and have an appealing
Spearmint scent and flavour.
Lip Plumper: Our Lip Plumping Gloss uses
peppermint extract to plump your lips naturally
with a gentle tingle. This formula also
features the moisturizing benefit of Avocado
and Jojoba Seed Oil.
Lipsticks: Lift Cosmetic Lipsticks are enriched with Vitamin E, Anti-Oxidants and other lip pampering ingredients to ensure proper hydration. The long lasting formula is available in a wide range of rich colours as well as matte and gloss shine formulas.
Mineral Lipsticks: These are a relatively new addition to the family. These lipsticks have a high concentration of Vitamin E which acts like a treatments for your lips! But not only that, they are infused with Tangerine and Vanilla Oil for moisture and a wonderful light scent.
Eyeshadows: Lift Eye Shadows are triple-milled for a silky texture to allow for the smoothest application and extreme blend-ability. These Shadows are oil-free, and can be used wet or dry,and are available in matte or pearl finishes.
*We have our Classic Collection (seen in picture above) of our most popular colours that are available year round. Four times a year we launch limited edition collections that stray from our Classics.
Blush: Similar to Lift Eye Shadows, our Blushes are triple milled for an easy and blend-able application. These silky blushes are available in a wide spectrum of colours and finishes, matte, shimmery, pearl or pixie.
*We have a Classic Collection of 15 Blushes that range from highlighters to contours and everything in between. Just like our eye shadows we launch limited edition collections periodically over the year. 
Super Lash Mascara: Our Super Lash Mascara is a treat for your lashes,with conditioning ingredients such as Vitamin E and Keratin. Not only does our mascara take care of lashes, it also extends and thickens them for a more youthful look. With the large applicator wand this mascara will coat lashes in one quick sweep while the conditioning properties keep lashes soft all day long so the mascara doesn’t flake.
*also available in waterproof  
 Lash Primer: Our ultimate lash primer will help add length and thickness to your lashes, while also enriching and conditioning them with soy protein. This product is applied before mascara, to protect the lashes from breakage. We condition our hair, we should also condition our lashes.
Brow Gel: This clear non-sticky gel dried super fast and will keep your brows in place all day.

 Flawless Finish: One of our best sellers! This oil-free creme to powder foundation evens skin tone. Flawless finish can be used as a concealer or a foundation leaving the skin with a gorgeous dewy look. FF has an oil absorbing formula which helps with problematic skin. 
Camo Concealer: Our rich and creamy formula covers skin imperfections
with ease. Camo Concealer is water (tear) resistant and easy to blend with a tone of pigment making it simple to cover scars, birthmarks or hard to conceal areas and tattoos! 
Dual Powder: Our full coverage compact powder can be used wet or dry. It's perfect for any skin type and lasts forever! It's formula prevents settling into fine lines and looks super natural.
Lift Bronzers: Our bronzers come in a generous compact! Triple milled for extremely blend-able and layer-able application.  Our bronzers are oil-free and can be used on the body or face!
Lift Lip Pencils: They say your lips are the first body part to show again. Our lip liners are infused with anti-oxidants to help the problem. Their creamy formulation glides on with ease, great for lining or filing the entire lip!
Lift Eye Pencil: Extra Creamy formula to prevent pulling on the sensitive skin of the eye! These liners make application quick and easy!

That's it for now, but Lift is always adding new shades, and new products to our collection! Keep checking back...
We will be launching 2 new products and some new lippie colours for summer, very soon!



Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Iconic Women: Sophia Loren

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

First of all, You will notice that all week, I will be posting about,
"Girls Night In at Lift Beauty Boutique!" 
It is a charitable event that benefits both YOU and the Canadian Cancer Society!
We have all been effected by Cancer in SOME way, so please join us this Friday, May the 14th! Let us  Get us Glamourize you; enjoy some wine, cupcakes and great company for a minimum donation of $25.00! 
Your support would be GREATLY appreciated! If you can not make it to the event, a donation can be made by phone: 416-960-5438.

* * *
Okay, On to Today's Post!
 Sophia Loren 

In the sixties and seventies, Sophia was one of the most popular actresses in the world. She was also the first actress to launch her own fragrance and design of eye wear. She was chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world (1991), and she is often called the "Italian Marilyn Monroe."
Her undoubted beauty in almost every picture is amplified by precise make-up artistry!
It's nearly impossible to find one picture of this beauty without Eyeliner.
We all have ONE item in our make-up bag that we can't live without and it seems that Sophia's MUST HAVE is liner!
So, today we will focus on a few tips and tricks on how to apply liner!
  1. NEVER try to draw a straight light from one end of the eye to the other, if you do, you're just making your own life more difficult and frustrating! Use short dash-like strokes, along the lash line to FORM one solid line.
  2. Always set your pencil or cream liner with a matching powder. Do this with an angle brush, using the same 'dash-like' motion. This will intensify your line and will also prevent the cream or wax formula from smudging.
  3. Don't freak out if you make a mistake, there are a few way to remedy the problem. If your line isn't perfectly straight you can use a q-tip to rub the line, giving it a diffused or smokey look. Or you can use make-up removed on a thin brush to remove the unwanted product (I call this the corrector brush). Or you can apply your foundation with a thin brush, over the unwanted liner to mask the problem - just be sure to set the foundation with powder.
  4. When trying to re-create the "cat eye" or 50's flared liner, don't be afraid to give yourself a guide! Stencil, connect the dot - whatever is easiest for you! A great trick for a home stencil - regular Scotch Tape. *Cut a short piece, applying it to the back of your hand and remove it numerous times to get rid of MOST of it's adhesive. (The skin around your eye is VERY delicate, using the full stickiness of the tape could damage the skin)

Apply the Tap

Remove The Tape, repeat on the other side, and TADAAAA!
As you can see the tape leave a clean line. (I like a short subtle kick-out)

Try getting Sophia's look with these tips, and let me know how you do!
 (This Cat-Eye is Quite Extreme!)
Remember, practice make's perfect!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day and Weekend!

To all of you Mother's out there...
To my Mommy: I love you, you are the best and you deserve everything you ever want!
I can't wait till I'm a Mom - another reason for PRESENTS! hehe
What did you get your Mom this year??

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Oh Dear, Jackie O!

If you say her name "Jackie O," Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis an image is easily brought to mind!
This is a true sign of a Style Icon. 
Big Sun Glasses.Pill Box Hats.String of Pearls.Tailored Jackets.A-Line Dresses with Bows.
Jackie O - oozed class, elegance and style!
This Classic Beauty Stayed true to herself in clothes, make-up and hair!
I always say, "Emphasize your natural beauty, Don't mask your flaws!"

 Jackie did just this, she kept her hair colour so close to her natural, just gave it a little extra warmth to brighten her skin and always wore what MUA's know as "straight make-up" on her face!

Here's her make-up trick!
 1. Apply a light foundation, allowing your natural tones to show threw - freckles and all!
2. Fill the brows to give strength to the face.
3. Apply a subtle highlight to the inner eye, on the brow bone and the cheek bones.
4. On the Uppler Lash Line, line from the outer eye in, 3/4 of the way with a chestnut brown. 
5.  Use the same liner to line your lower water line 3/4 aswel.
6. With a warm brown shadow about 4 shades darker than your skin tone, contour your eye by sweeping it at the crease. 
7. Apply lots of mascara!
8. Use a soft natural shade of blush, sweep across the cheeks and the bridge of the nose.
9. Use a light contouring blush in the hollows of the cheeks to add depth to the face and to accentuate your cheek bones.
10. To add a pop, Jackie played with different shades of pink! It gave her otherwise natural look, a bit of a fashionable, and youthful flare!

My Fav' for this look "Crush" by Lift Cosmetics
It's a Vanilla Bean Mineral Lip Stick...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Don't Forget to Get your Ticket!

Come back tomorrow for More Iconic Women: 
Jackie-O- Kennedy

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel
She's known for her trademark suits, little black dresses, and creation of timeless designs that are still popular today. She became an adored style icon famous for her simple yet sophisticated outfits paired with classic accessories - multiple strands of pearls. As Chanel once said,“luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.”
 Thanks Chanel for making fashion comfortable yet classy - bu-bye corsets!

Cues from Coco
Fashion: Embrace comfort, clean lines and masculine flares. Pearls always make an outfit classy!
Make-Up: Emphasize your eyes with strong brows and heavy lashes! 
Over shaping the natural flow of your brow can make your eyes appear smaller and miss shaped. Try trimming your brow's rather than plucking too many hairs. 
If you can see bald spots in your brows fill them in gently. Avoid using a pencil, try using a light touch with a matching powder and liner brush. Quick, light stokes of powder appear much like hair!
Hair: A DEEP SIDE PART! I personally wouldn't wear Coco's hair style in today's world but it's easy to modernize her lock's look! Here's how...
Start with Dry Hair
Spray all over with Osis Glamour Queen
To Finish the Look and help it hold Spray all over with Osis Elastic!
It's a fantastic soft hold spray! 
P.S. I used my 3 Barrel Interchangeable AMIKA curling Iron to get this look! Love love love the versatility of that iron!

Who's your Fashion Icon?
Let me know,