Friday, April 9, 2010

I'll Have the French Manicure of Make-up Please!

A few weeks ago the Lift Beauty Girls where given the Honour of Dolling Up some of the U of T, Law Graduates for their "Law Ball!"
When Lauren asked one of the Beauties;
"So what do you wanna do with your Make-up today?"  
Her friend piped up from my hair chair, and said:
"She wants the French Manicure of Make-up!" 

Jen Sporting the French Manicure of make-up.
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Looking Classy, Elegant & put together, while still looking like yourself! 
Here's how to get your "French Manicure of Make-up"
  • Prep your skin: Exfoliate, Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize. Mix some concealer into your Moisturizer.
*Try Lift's Alpha Hydroxy Skin Care Line 
  • Dust a Dual Powder over your entire face & under the jaw. Use a sponge or stiff brush to apply a more concentrated amount of powder on the eye-lid and under the eye
  • Highlight the Face: Using a matte nude shadow that is lighter than your skin tone apply to the Cheek Bones, Inner Eye, eye lid - crease down to lash line, under the bottom last line, Brow Bone, Nose and chin.
*Try 'Vanilla Sky' or 'Snow White'
  • Contour the Face: Using a matte Bronzer or Neutral Blush that is slightly darker than your skin tone apply to the hollows of your cheeks, crease of the eye, under the Jaw and press a little into the bottom lash line.
*I like to use 'Natural Glow' or 'Dusk' 
  • Add a Wash of Colour: Using a soft matte, shimmery or pearl blush of your choice, with a large fluffy brush add a soft wash of colour to the apples of your cheeks, across the bridge of the nose, and a quick sweep over the eyes.
*'Temptress' adds a nice glow and pop of colour
  • Define your Eyes: Using a Dark Brown or Black Liner, line the top lash line from the outside - 3/4 of the way in. Keep it a THIN and crisp line!
* Lift's "Chestnut Liner looks perfect
  • LASHES: Coat those lashes with lots of mascara, avoid clumping mascara!
* Black/Brown Super Lash Mascara gives length without clumping
  • Enhance your Lips: Apply a clear gloss over a Lipstick that's just slightly richer than your natural lip colour!
*My Fav: 'Flirt' vanilla bean mineral lipstick under Lift's Clear Lip Plumper!
This Look is Timeless & Enhances your natural beauty! Try it out!


  1. I love that saying the french mani of makeup haha cute