Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fools!

I know you are all expecting some FAB April fools prank from me, but I am totally lacking in inspiration in that department today... Sorry to disappoint everyone!

So instead, I'm gonna tell you a funny story about a prank I played on a new client just a few weeks ago!

Okay, so this client was a referral from one of my longest standing clients. *For those of you who haven't met me yet - I treat my clients like my friends, we joke around, tell funny stories and gossip about significant others, friends, family and of course fashion!

The client who referred this person to me, CC'ed me on their e-mails about the dilemma this girl was in - She had a huge event to go to but her regular hair stylist had "fallen off the face of the earth!"

My client says to her in one of their e-mails, "You should really check out Emily at Lift Beauty Boutique, she gives the BEST blow out and you'll have a blast with her! Just let her do her thing, she always knows what looks best - she'll ask what you are wearing and come up with the perfect look to match the occasion! While you're there, see Lauren for a Make-up App and Nail polishing, you'll be out of there in 30min. MAXIMUM and all you'll have to do when you get home is slip your outfit on! Oh and I just got an e-mail from them saying that this month you can get all of this done for $35.00, just call and book in asap if you want to try them out.. they book up fast!"
- How sweet is my client? You know who you are - I love you! 

So, 2 weeks later I find the referral in my chair! Right away we hit it off and start joking around! I ask her all about her likes and dislikes, found out what the events was, what she was wearing and took her to the sink to get her washed out!

Once I had her back in my chair, I asked her if she wanted to know what I was doing or if I should just "go at it!" She said, "I hear you do a wicked BLOW OUT! Let's do that!"

This girl has BEAUTIFUL TIGHT CURLS naturally but made it clear she likes a bit of a smoother look for special occasions. So I said, "No problem!" I turned her away from the Mirror so that Lauren could Polish her nails and do her make-up while I was doing her hair. So she really had NO idea what I was doing!

Long story short, I blew out all of the water from her hair while making it as BIG & PUFFY as possible! Timing worked out perfectly as I got all of the water OUT at the same time as Lauren finished the Make-up App!
 Didn't have my Camera with me that day, so here are some random pics to give you an idea...

 I turned her around to face the mirror and said "Tadaaa!" At first she thought we were only done with her make-up, she raved about it and then continued to sit in my seat as if I wasn't done he r hair!*Wink, Wink!

After a self imposed awkward moment I said... "Okay, well have the best time tonight, and when ever you are ready Mel can help you with your jacket and get you cashed out!"

She looked at me like I was crazy and hesitantly said "ookkaaay????"

I let her get checked out before I said "Hahahaha, Just Kidding! We just like to get people cashed out before we polish your nails, so that you don't ruin them digging through your purse!"

The relief that came over her face was PRICELESS, I wish I could have gotten it on camera!
We had a good chuckle and reminisced about terrible hair experiences -PROM and her sister's Wedding.  
Ten more min. in my chair and her hair was stunning and flawless, her nails were polished, and we continued to have an amazing laugh!
I gave her a Beyonce inspired blow out, that looked very similar to this...
*Still lots of Volume, but tamed and GLAM!
photo cred:

She's been back every Friday since, for "The Works." We have a great time together and I know I've got a long time client now!

She says she's told the story a few hundred times, and always gets a story in return of a TRUE bad hair styling experience!

 **Have you ever had a Hair Styling Session go wrong? Wedding Day, Prom...? 
I wanna hear about it!


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  1. OH what a cruel joke! Don't do that to me, I think I might cry. LOL j/k Good one!