Saturday, July 31, 2010

A New Product From Lift Cosmetics - Eye Fix

     Eye Fix 
Lift Cosmetics' Perfect Eye Primer & Highlight in One!  

  Lift Cosmetics' newest addition, Eye Fix is super creamy and easy to apply!   

Not only will it help keep your eye shadow in place but it will brighten the skin around your eyes!  
The Lift Beauty Girls have added Eye Fix to their every day routine, so should you!

  It's quick & easy to use, while still being SUPER effective! 

*Eye Fix can be applied with your fingers (Make sure to wash those hands first),  a sponge, or a brush - do what you find easiest!

  Different uses for Eye Fix: 
For the Natural Beauty:  Eye Fix is most effective when applied post moisturizer to the inner corner of your eyes, brow bones, & cheek bones. Placing Eye Fix on these areas really brightens your eyes and make your features pop!  
For the Make-Up Diva: Apply to all the same places as our Natural Beauty but focus on  blending Eye Fix over the eyelid and under the eyes to help hold concealer and shadows! You'll notice the difference in how bright you look and how long your smokey eye lasts! 

Wanna put Eye Fix to the Test? Pop in to try it out....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blow Out Sale!

Now that the Cat's Out of the Bag...

We can announce our clearance sale!

Put it in your calendars Ladies!
Saturday, September 11th 2010

It will be a great day to visit  
Lift Beauty Boutique 
(114 Cumberland St. #303) 

Lift Cosmetics . Osis . BC . Moroccan Oil . Orly . Amika. All Accessories...  
EVERYTHING MUST GO - Prices will be marked down!
* It will be the perfect time for you to stock up on your must haves & start your holiday shopping early!
Don't worry I'll keep reminding you, but save the date!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lift Beauty Girls - Mobile! Try us out for FREE!

 Lift Beauty Girls
are Mobile!

Here's how it works...
You & your girls choose which of the following packages suit each one of you best!
You don't all have to do the same... 

Invite us in, for any event - or no event at all!
. Girls Night In - Private Shopping Party . Bachlorette, Bridal Shower . Sweet 16 .  A Wedding . Prom . Bar/Bat-Mitzvah ...

1. The Triple Threat 
Includes: Hair Styling (From Dry) & Mini Make-up Application

Complimentary: A Free Nail Polish Application & Styling and Make-up tips and tricks!

Price: $55 p/p 

2. The Picture Perfect
Includes: Hair Styling (From Dry) and Pinning & A full Make-up Application

Complimentary: A Free Nail Polish Application, Styling and Make-up tips and tricks & a FREE Mini Lift Cosmetics' Lip Gloss of your choice *Great for touch ups!

Price: $85 p/p 
3. The Total Package *Great for a Bridal Trial too
Includes: No Restrictions - Wet to Dry or Dry to Fully Pinned Hair Styling & A full Make-up Application with False Lashes.

Complimentary: Styling and Make-up Tips and Tricks, A FREE Nail Polish Application, A Free Eye Brow Shaping & A FREE mini Lift Cosmetics' Lip Gloss of your choice!

Price: $125 p/p 
4. The Party Favour
Includes: Day to Evening Make-up Application & Lesson. Colour Matches and Education on Tips and tricks on to recreate the look yourself!

Complimentary: Consultation and product prescription for hair and nails with a licensed hair stylist and nail tech.

Bonus: 50% of the price is redeemable in Lift Cosmetics Products.

Price: $60 p/p
*Minimum of 3 Ladies

 5. The Hairy Situation
Includes: No restrictions - wet to dry or dry to fully pinned hair Styling!

Complimentary: A Mini Manicure $ FREE bottle of Polish

Price: $80 p/p

Call to have the Lift Beauty Girls in your home!
We would love to join your party, Xo

What's a Party without a Loot bag?
The Lift Beauty Girls arrive in Style & with plenty of Items that you can keep!

*Curious about how far the Lift Beauty Girls will go for you?
As far as you want...
    Lift Beauty Girls' Travel Fee
    The # of KM from Toronto's City Hall to Your desired Location 
*All Packages are to be paid in full at the time of booking. In the case of a cancellation the full amount of the services booked and paid for will be returned to the client in the form of an on account credit.
    Wanna Try us Out for FREE???
    Here's how you can...
    Pick a date with 4 of your BFF's in the month of September and then call 416-960-5438
    to invite the Lift Beauty Girls over for a 
    FREE Private Shopping Party!
    *We'll Show you the Fall trends in make-up, hair, & nails!
    Our cancellation policy applies to free services. Travel fee is not free of charge.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Over the last 3 months we have introduced you to,
The Lift Beauty Girls
A mobile division of Lift Beauty Boutique!
The response to our mobile services for Weddings, Special Occasions & Private Shopping Parties has been so fabulous that we have decided on some
Here's the Breaking news!
Dun. Dun. Dun....
Lift Beauty Boutique as you know it, will only be around until Aug 28th!
So visit us at 114 Cumberland while you can!
Myself, Lauren, Brianne and Mel would love to see you one last time, for a cut, colour or high-lights 'cause after the 28th of August the
Lift Beauty Girls 
wont be offering those services! 
Call for your final hair dressing appointment !
* * *
Yorkville has treated us well, with amazing clients & a great reputation - not only for being a premier salon but MAINLY for being one of Toronto's BEST in Special Occasion Services & Private Shopping Parties in; 
Make-up, Hair, Nails & Accessories. 
Although we will never fully say GOODBYE to the lovely Yorkville, we will say "See you Soon," as we will be passing in and out while visiting YOUR homes with Lift Beauty Girls - MOBILE
Visit back on Tuesday for information on what the 
Lift Beauty Girls 
have to offer YOU!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our final Summer Pick

 Our Last, but certainly not least favourite nail colour pick for summer!
 I personally think they got the name all wrong, there's nothing watery about this Lemonade Colour! 
It's more like Lemon Gelato, crazy creamy... mmm Yummy!
Much like our other picks, it's full bodied, completely opaque and vibrant without being too loud! 
Book your $5.00 polish change, to try one of these pretty new shade.
(Just mention this post)
Mini's available for purchase. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer nail colour pick #2

As promised, our 2nd summer fav'
This stunning colour is somewhere between Robin's Egg Blue and Tiffany's Blue!
It's ultra opaque and super creamy!
I'm generally not a fan of blues or greens on the nails, but Lauren was right - this is definitely an exception!
*Hot Pick thanks to Laur!

Book your $5.00 polish change, to try this pretty new shade.
(Just mention this post)
Mini's available for purchase. 

Come back Thursday for our Final Summer Pick!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The last of our Summer Hot Stuff!

Every season Lift Beauty Boutique features a few new products/colours from Lift Cosmetics  
new lacquer Colours from Orly!

You have seen Lift Cosmetics' Summer Collection 2010
But here's a refresher...
Some of these items are Limited Edition, get them while you can!
Call to book your free Mini Make-up to try them out.
Our Summer Picks from Orly 
As of July First we've had 3 NEW and BEAUTIFUL nail lacquer colours to choose from, by Orly. I'll start with...
Lollipop is a sweet, lilac creme with lots of pink. Lollipop is super opaque and totally girly.
Book your $5.00 polish change, to try this pretty new shade.
(Just mention this post)
Mini's available for purchase. 
 Come Back Tuesday and Thursday to see our 2 other choices
Visit us in store for that $5.00 polish change - Thursday's, Friday's & Saturday's

Have a wonderful Weekend, Xo

Thursday, July 15, 2010

...Continued Skin care for summer skin: Before Bed Tricks

Bed Time Tricks:
1.   As mentioned in my last post, you should only be washing your face once a day! Bed time is the perfect time to do it! Wash off the day and any makeup by using Lift’s Alpha Hydroxy Cleanser. This deep cleanser will remove dirt and make-up to help avoid breakouts and blackheads - prevalent in summer from sweating!

2.    TONE AGAIN! Apply Lift’s Alpha Hydroxy Toner to a cotton round and smooth over your skin to keep PH levels in check. 

3.    Finish off with Lift’s Alpha Hydroxy Moisturizer to keep your skin from overproducing oils in your sleep.  

Using this routine at night and the last post's routine in the morning will totally help with breakouts and overly shiny/sweaty skin! Remember, SPF is SOOOO important year round, but even more so in the summer!

* Lift Cosmetics' Alpha Hydroxy products help gently exfoliate, this is what helps to control oil, reduce the look of fine lines and improve skin colouring - All glowy and smooth.
 Call Lift and ask how you can get a complimentary Skin Cleansing Treatment to feel the difference! 416-960-5438

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How to tame the sweaty/oil skin in record high temperatures!

It’s summer. 
It’s hot and sticky and let’s face it, you are going to get a little sweaty.
Emily has taught us all sorts of tips on how to take care of our hair, not washing it every day, cute up dos, and now I am going to explain how you can take care of your sweaty skin.
A subtle glow is beautiful, but how do you stop it from becoming straight out sweaty  & shiny in this heat? Just like you have to train your hair, you have to train your skin.
The PH levels in your skin need to be balanced, otherwise you will over produce oils, whether you need them or not! Using Lift’s Alpha Hydroxy Skin Care line and a super simple routine can get the summer shine toned down to a beautiful glow, here is how!

Good Morning Tips:
1.       When you wake up in the morning, head to the bathroom and splash your face with some water. Blot dry with a towel. That’s right, no cleansing. You only need to do it once a day to remove makeup, otherwise you will be over cleansing it, causing an over production of oils!

2.       Apply Lift Cosmetics Alpha Hydroxy Toner to a cotton pad and smooth over skin, it will remove any oil or sweat that is sitting on your skin from that good night sleep, without messing with your ph levels. Plus it is full of AHA’s that will even out your skins tone and texture!

3.       SUNSCREEN followed by a little of Lift’s AHA moisturizer mixed with a little of Lift’s Camouflage Concealer and you are good to go.
 Check back on Thursday for the matching evening regiment!
Beautiful Skin doesn't go unnoticed!
If you are interested in try any of the products mentioned, feel free to calls us - we deliver.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another DIY up do, for post workout YUCKY hair!

 Today I'm going to show you another easy Up Do, for yuck 2 day old, post workout hair. This one it a little bit more casual, but still super pretty! Again, no hot tools needed, just 2 elastics, some bobby pins, Dust Its and Freeze!

Back Comb, the same as last time... 
                                                                           Place a deep side part in your hair, and smooth the back combing with a cushion brush. Leave some of the back coming so that you hair doesn't look SLICK. Again, I left some texture for a more organic feel. Using your first elastic, pull the hair to one side and secure it into a low, side pony tail!

With a 2nd elastic I turned the pony into a 'messy bun.' I did this by wrapping the elastic around the original pony once, then a second time without pulling the hair all the way through and then a third time to add even more 'mess!' *This is hard to explain, but if you are a girl and you have long enough hair to make a messy bun, YOU KNOW HOW TO DO THIS! It comes naturally! - Don't complicate things, just do a messy bun! 
Then manipulate the sections of hair, with you hands but pulling them and pinning them to your scalp. You can't make a mistake, keeps pinning pieces until you like the way it looks! So easy!!! Again, practice make's perfect!
What do you think??? 
Try it yourself and let me know how it goes!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

DIY Up Do, to cover post workout hair!

As promised, Some easy UP styles for the 'not so freshly washed' hair....
Today's Style, is called: The Shell... 
*My hair is CRAZY long, it works better on shorter locks! 

 Here's what I started with... This is what my hair looks like after 2 days with out shampooing, and one sweaty workout! (After my workout I used the tips I gave you in my previous post to keep it looking as FRESH possible)

Because I already had a little bit of Dust It in my hair, it was VERY easy to get volume with some back-combing.

Using a comb, add volume to the top of your head by teasing. I generally add WAY more height than I would ever need! It's easier to remover volume than ADD more volume!

Using my hands, and a small cushion brush I pulled my hair into a pony tail. *Don't be afraid to really brush threw the top layer of back coming, you will still have height!  

I personally like to leave a bit of texture on the pony, but you can pull it completely smooth if you would like!

Here's what it looked like, from the back!
I could take a strand of hair from the pony, wrap it around the elastic, pin it to stay and be done.... but I thought I would should you something a bit more complex!


Okay, So I took ANOTHER elastic and wrapped it around the original pony 2 times, on the 3rd I only pulled the hair, half way through.

*When I was in High School a lot of girls wore their hair like this.... YIKES, let's keep going...

From here take the tail (the hair that isn't forming the loop) and use it to hide the elastic by wrapping it around and pinning!

The 'loop,' or fold over of hair is hollow. Fish a bobby pin through the loop to the lowest point or center of looped hair. Pin that portion of hair down to your scalp. Then play with the rest of the hair, on either side of the first pin to find a shape that you like. Keep fishing pins through the loop and pin to the scalp. Repeat this on the other side of initial pin! Tadaah!! You have a classy and elegant shell!                                               P.S. Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of the back of your head??? YEASH!

The Shell can be worn lower on the nape or higher on the crown! You can also flip the shell, by pulling it up and pinning it above the pony, rather than bellow! Remember, practice makes perfect!

Finishing Touches:
Spray with Osis Freeze to Hold in Place and to hold down any fly aways...
Use black liquid liner, lots of highlight and a bold lip to polish it all off!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hot, sweaty hair! How to avoid having to shampoo SO frequently in the summer!

I've been sucked into the wedding vortex!!! Ack!
I have to apologize, it seems for the past month our posts have been related to NOTHING OTHER THAN WEDDINGS!
'Tis the season right? I'm finding it hard to focus on anything other than bridal simply because everyone around me, friends, family and clients are planning weddings!
Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for all of these people and I LOVE doing bridal hair and make-up, in fact it's the Lift Beauty Girls' Specialty... but I feel I should share some thing else with my lovely readers!

So recently I was asked by a fellow blogger, what to do about the dreaded sweaty hair!
In the spring, I helped this lovely lady with going from daily shampooing to a 3-4 day shampooing cycle! Hoorah!
She however has decided to train for a half marathon! WOWZA! If only I could say the same for myself - maybe one day, right?
She mentioned that since she has started to train she's had to go back to daily shampooing because of the heat and perspiration.
Her request?
Some tricks on how to avoid the every day shampoo without having to wear her hair in a pony!
F.Y.I There's nothing wrong with a pony! 
Maybe over the next few post I'll show you some tricks on quick "up" styles to hide post work out hair!

I too have gotten my hair trained to be able to go 3-4 days without washing, it's amazing! However, I've also started working out more frequently, I may not be training for a marathon, but give me some credit! hehe

Fact of the matter is, I CAN NOT GO 3-4 days without shampooing when I'm working out regularly, but I can go 2-3! YAY
The Tricks:
1. When working out, don't pull you hair back TIGHT! Try keeping it as loose as possible!
2. When you get home from the workout blow dry your roots, with a LOW heat. *Don't let the moisture dry on it's own!
3. Brush your hair with a wooden bristle brush.
4. DUST IT!!! If you don't have this product, I suggest your get it!
This should get you an extra day or 2!
5. When you jump into the shower to finally wash those locks, give yourself lots of time!  2 shampoos will be necessary, the first with a DEEP cleansing shampoo and the second with a volume shampoo or moisture shampoo! *My suggestions: BC's "Deep Cleanse Shampoo" - $14.00 + BC's "Volume Boost Shampoo" or "Moisture Kick Shampoo" - both $14.00.

Let me know how it works out for you!
If you need any of these products, call us to purchase at 15% off, We deliver!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lauren’s last update on beauty from the fabulous land of France!

After spending 5 days in Paris, we spent the last half of our trip in the French Rivera. Such an amazing trip and what beautiful views we saw. For this half of the trip it was just relaxing and sitting by the pool in the sun most days and going out for dinner at night. Now I definitely wanted to incorporate some of the chic beauty looks I used in Paris but a vacation by the pool requires some modifications.

For sunny vacations I know the beauty drill... SUNSCREEN. In the morning I would make sure to load my hair up with Blonde Me Leave in Conditioner and Buff to protect my hair from the sun then I would just twist it up into a bun. For my face I strict SPF 60 or higher (I am very fair) and then I went with just a little of Lift Cosmetics Flawless finish to make my skin look even, used some of our Waterproof Black Mascara too. But a day of swimming in chlorine and sunning can make for some messy hair so I opted against the messy bun for evening. After a day in the sun I had to struggle just to comb through all my frizz!
 To get a chic evening look after that scary pool hair I would load my hair with Moroccan Oil to get it to smoothed out and brushed through nicely. Then I would pull it into a low pony tail and just pin it up randomly to secure it. I don’t have any pictures of it from the back sadly but just picture the big bun I showed you before but placed lower.
 (This isn't my hair - mine looked a bit messier, this is on a client at Lift done by Emily, but it gives you an idea of how it looked!)
I kept the front really smooth and frizz free to look more elegant. Then I did a subtle version of our Paris makeup look to polish off my evening style. Some Oynx Liner, Flirt Lipstick and a little Flawless Finish and some Waterproof mascara and I was set! 

Well now you know all the hot beauty looks I discovered in Paris! Summer in Toronto is the perfect place to try them out! Any questions on how to perfect your own summer look? Just call Lift at 416-960-5438 and you can come in for a complimentary consultation. Or get the Lift Beauty Girls to come to you to teach you and your friends the new looks at home by planning a beauty party. Call us for details! 416-960-5438