Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lightening your Locks; Free Product!

I don't get outside much, cause I'm generally behind the chair making one of you lovely ladies look amazing, or sitting at the computer blogging or doing admin work! 
However, a hair stylist always know when summer is on it's way because we are generally booked back to back with FOILS!!!
People always asking me why women have the tendency of lightening their hair in the summer months!

That's Little Me, don't laugh!! Look how beautiful my blond locks are!

Here are my thoughts:
As children we spend a LOT more time outside, especially in the summer! The sunlight changes the tone and level (darkness vs. lightness) of EVERYONE's hair! Take a look at pictures of yourself from the summers of your childhood and you will notice that the sun had effected your hair colour in the most gorgeous of ways!

That sun-kissed look makes everyone feel youthful and vibrant which is why, we always see a trend to go lighter in the spring and summer months!

*Tip, when lightening your hair avoid changing the OVERALL colour, just add THIN, natural looking highlights to enhance your natural look! Avoid straying too far from your natural colour, 3-4 shades lighter is enough! 

Yesterday I must have put over 1000 packets of foils in, and I look forward to many more!

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