Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bond with Your Polish!

So, as all of you are aware I LOVE POLISH!

Problem: My job has a tendency of RUINING a gorgeous polish application in one day! 

The Culprits:
  1. Nails Submerged in Water - washing client's hair
  2. Chemicals - Colouring Services, and Hair Spray
  3. Heat - Hot air of the blow dryer 
Chipped nails aren't pretty and it literally was happening the 1st day of wear, EVERY TIME!

Until I found the...
Solution: Orly's BONDER

I've tried countless base coats since everyone says that they are the key to keeping a polish on your nails! As I mentioned above with ALL of them, my beautiful nail polish only ever lasted ONE DAY!
That was until I found 'Bonder,' this base coat is different from the rest because it dries with a tacky or rubbery finish! The stickiness gives your polish  something to GRAB onto!
With Bonder I can work a 5 day week at the Salon with minimal chipping! YAY!
Our clients are loving Bonder, so we have had to start retailing it!
Wanna give it a shot?

Visit us for a $5.00 Polish Application (Reg. $15.00) and see how long your pretty nails last for! 


  1. love. love. love...this product!

  2. I love this stuff! My nail colour lasted so long without chipping... and I'm a klutz with nails! I gotta get me a bottle.

  3. 15% off if you call to purchase and mention this post! 416-960-5438! It really is amazing, isn't it!