Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fashion Induced Stress Case!

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Does your DESIRE to look Fashionable make you happy or give you grief?

Weekend = Social Activity = ANXIETY!

*I ask this question because lately when it comes time for me to get dolled up for a social engagement I find myself feeling stressed out!

Hair and Make-up, I LOVE DOING! Infact, I look forward to doing my hair and make-up for a night out!
I'm confident in my abilities and always feel like my hair and make-up looks just right!

But when it comes to clothing, I definitely get worked up and generally my room looks like a tornado has passed threw it by the time I have found an outfit!

I have been trying to blame it on my wardrobe, but honestly it can't be the problem! I have more clothes than any one person needs and if I do say so myself I have a great balance of basics, classics and statement pieces.

I think the 2 main reasons that getting dressed stresses me out are;

  1. I watch too much TV, Read too many Magazines and follow too many fashion blogs! I WANT, I WANT, I WANT! Honestly, everywhere I turn, I see something new that I want and then when I try to get dressed, all I can think about is what I DON'T have!
  2. My body keeps changing! It seems from week to week I'm a different size and/or shape! None of my clothes fit the way they are suposed to anymore! I'm on a budget ladies, I can't just replace my entire wardrobe!
I just want to look my best!!! Should I just go on a bit of a VISA shopping spree?

Are any of you feeling this???
Is it because of the season change, or do you feel it year round??
Does great hair and make-up take away from a bad outfit? 
Can I get away with wearing so/so clothing because my hair and make-up are styled to perfection?

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