Saturday, April 3, 2010

Coffe + Legs = Great idea!

Rumour has it that April is the appropriate month to break out your sandles, skirts, dressed and shorts!
One side of me is screaming "Yay, FREEDOM" while the other side is a small whimpering voice saying "You can't expose those dry, WHITE legs to the wold!"

I was chatting with my fellow Lift Beauty Girl - Lauren about this, and she gave me an incredible tip!

So pass the credit over to her.....

I definitely am not the type of girl to lay in a tanning bed or hit a spray tan salon so this was the perfect remedy to my dilema!
 You can drink it if you want, but what I suggest is taking some instant coffee to the shower with you!
The Benefits of rubbing instant coffee on your legs:
  • The texture of the coffee acts as an exfoliant & removes dead skin cells!
  • The coffee slightly stains your skin, leaving you will a subtle sun-kissed glow - Bye Bye Pasties!
  • The Caffeine in the coffee reduces fluid retention, allowing a temporary smoothing of the top layers of the skin = Temporary Cellulite Reduction! 

 (Sorry, My Camera totally sucks, in person you can really see a difference!)
**The only down side to this trick, it can make a mess of your shower - be sure to clean immediately after to prevent permanent stains!

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