Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 2 of Hair Science

Alright, So yesterday we talked about what greasy hair is and why it happens!
As promised, today we shall talk about balancing your scalp's PH to get rid of the problem.

Do the OBVIOUS: 
  1. Eat Healthy Foods, ALWAYS! haha ya right!
  2. Make sure your hormones levels are PERFECT! Hahah easy huh!?!
  3. DO what I did...
Remove the build up, and imbalance induced fungus with  
BC DEEP CLEANSING SHAMPOO by Schwarzkopf ($14.00 - 250ml)
 This shampoo removes excess oil without drying the hair and scalp out.
BC Deep Cleanse Shampoo removes only the excess oil, leaving the essential oils that the hair and scalp need to remain healthy.
"Deep cleansing surfactants build a compound of active ingredients to gently and effectively cleanse away elements of product build-up, minerals and excess grease." - Schwarzkopf
*Delays re-greasing of the scalp.

* Apply to wet hair.
* Massage.
* Leave for 2 minutes.
* Rinse.

Don't forget to condition your hair too... Remember your hair naturally "conditions" your roots by producing grease. So when you use conditioner focus on using it on your Mid-shafts and Ends... do not massage it into the scalp.

I used the Deep Cleansing Shampoo with Schwarzkopf's Repair Conditioner ($14.00 - 200ml).

*This wont fix your problem in ONE shampoo! Be patient please...
Here's what happened with my hair:
  • The first 5 days I continued to wash my hair EVERYDAY!
  • Day 6 I broke the habit and didn't wash my hair. By the end of the day I felt like my hair looked greasy but everyone I asked, assured me that it didn't look greasy at all!
  • Day 7 I washed my hair but didn't shampoo again for 2 days (however, on the last day I did pull my hair into a pony because I felt self conscious.)
From there On, I was able to go 2-3 days between Shampoos!
This will be different for EVERYONE but the effects should be noticed by the time you finish the bottle of shampoo!
As I'm sure you noticed, these products aren't crazy $$$!
If you are interested in purchasing them Call 416-960-5438 
Check back tomorrow for the next step...


  1. Okay I think I need to get it only available in salons?

  2. As far as I know, it is only in Salon's! Call 416-960-5438 to order it and receive 15% off, just mention this post!

  3. I will definitely be calling you once I have my little guy (I'm due in 3 weeks so it's probably better to start postpartum when my hair will be out of whack anyways).

    So I've got a nasty combination of greasy roots and dry ends (since my dark brown hair is highlighted a light cool blonde). Do you find that the Schwarzkopf shampoo compromises ends at all? I've used their products before, and love that they're high quality at a reasonable price!