Friday, April 23, 2010

Looking for your FEEDBACK...

I personally keep my daily make-up routine super simple! 
"5 minute face" - I use a pressed powder all over, apply highlight to the inner eye, brow bone and cheek bones, add a wash of blush on the cheeks and the eye crease, amp up my lashes with mascara and apply a gloss or lipstick.  
One of my client's recently asked me why I don't use my "Make-up Artist Skills," on myself on a daily basis. 
The Truth: I think a clean, fresh and natural look is the most attractive for a daily face. I also think that showing some imperfections and depth (on the skin) makes you look human and approachable. 
*Don't get me wrong, when I know the camera's will be click, click, clicking, I make sure to conceal, contour and wow with my artistry on my eyes.

I'm curious to know what YOU do on a daily basis!

We want to know... Do you use concealer & Foundation Every Day? 
Just foundation on a daily basis and both on special occasions?
**If you use concealer daily, is it to cover dark eye circles, blemishes or both?
Tell us your age range: 
16-18 yrs old
19-21 yrs old
22-25 yrs old
26-30 yrs old
31-35 yrs old
35+ yrs old
 Has your daily make-up routine changed with age? 

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1 comment:

  1. Hey guys!
    I am 24, so in the 22-25 year old range, and I use concealer to cover up anything I perceive shouldn't be there (re. blemishes, broken capillaries, dark circles, visible pores, etc) but I tend to use a light bronzer to finish my daily look - I think it makes me look alive - especially during exam season :P
    In highschool, I was all about the dramatic eyes - and that's changed slightly, since I no longer need to spend half an hour on eyeshadowing up my lids, a mascara wand, eye liner and highlighter will work fine on a daily basis. I have always preferred nude lips - but these days, when I go out with the girls, I tend to try out colours - red, pink, brown, mauve. So I am still experimenting.
    Amanda :)