Friday, April 30, 2010

More on Healthy Dewy Skin...

So Yesterday I talked about my new found love of 
Lift Cosmetic's Flawless Finish 
and the dewy look that it gives my complexion!
I also admitted to having problematic skin... yuck!

Since my switch from powder finish to dewy finish I've started to rethink my entire facial routine.

 A dewy face screams "I'm youthful and I'm healthy." 
*If somehow, your recipe for getting your skin to glow has failed you by leaving you looking OVERLY shimmery, TOO bronzed or GREASY than read on.

 Here are some new tricks I'm using to encourage a healthy glow:

My first step was to get rid of dead skin, the texture of blemishes is bad enough, no need for dry flaky skin texture too. I used Lift Cosmetics' Alpha Hydroxy Balancing Toner - AHA increases exfoliation by loosening the matter that holds skin cells together. By doing this dead skin cells come off, oil is controlled, fine lines are minimized,  and your overall skin tone evens out. All glowy and smooth!

    My second step has been to add LAYERS of moisture before applying makeup! The true key to getting that moist, dewy look is actually having skin that is moisture rich! My fav part of this is my home made moisture spray - it's a great wake up!!!

    Here's how to make your own facial mist: 
    • Get a 4 to 8-ounce bottle with a spray nozzle, or go environmental and recycle one that has been lying around the house!
    •  Fill your bottle with 2oz of "Rose Water" with glycerin. Rose water has antiseptic and antibacterial agents that help with problematic skin. The glycerin helps lock moisture in! 
    •  Add 2oz of "Witch Hazel" to your spray bottle! It's a natural astringent that heals blemishes and helps to remove redness! 
    • If you want, (I don't do this) you could customize your facial mist by adding a few drops of an essential oil like ravensara, rose, lavender, geranium or ylang-ylang. Or you can add a spring of rosemary, peppermint or citrus to your mist for botanical benefits.
    Okay, so after your homemade spray add a layer or SPF moisturizer, and then your chosen foundation! Mine, "Flawless Finish" from Lift Cosmetics!

    Talk about a DEWY finish!!! 
    **Come back tomorrow to learn how to avoid streaky blush and Eye-Shadow on a moist, dewy finished skin!

    Thursday, April 29, 2010

    Love that Dewy Look! But Can You pull it off with problematic Skin?

    Since the early Age of 13 I have been cursed with the plague of BAD skin!
    I remember my 2 childhood BFF's and I obsessing over our skin DAILY!
    It seems they have both grown out of it, but I still have problematic areas on my face.

    For the past 12 years I have been using pressed powder to cover my blemishes and even out my skin tone! I have been faithful to my powder but have always been jealous of those girls with a DEWY-GLOWING finish to their skin!
     Hayden Panettiere is one of the many celebs who's been wearing her make-up with a dewy finish! How Gorgeous!!
    The Dew makes the skin look so healthy and moist, I figured because of my problematic T-Zone, I would never be able to rock the dewy look! 

    That was, Until Last Week...

    I believe it was early on a Wednesday morning when in a rush to get to work I dropped my precious pressed powder on my hardwood floor! It shattered EVERYWHERE!!!

    Not only was I upset about having to clean up the floor, but I kinda panicked about having to leave the house with my blemished skin EXPOSED!

    It was then, that I started hunting threw my make-up stash in hopes of finding some sort of remedy for my problem! 

    I found a LIFT Cosmetics' Flawless Finish Compact! I know my fellow Lift Beauty Girl; Lauren uses the product daily and our clients RAVE about it, but to be honest I personally never gave it a shot because I was dedicated to our Duo Powder.

    Our Flawless Finish is a cream foundation with a bunch of benefits:
    It's a 3 in one - conceals, blends like a foundation, and sets itself with a glowing finish - Not only does it make your skin look healthy and glowy, but it has antioxidants in it, so its good for your skin!

    Okay, I used the "FF" all over my face and felt totally fresh and glowy for the first time EVER! So exciting. My road kill powder compact had a tiny remnant of DUO so I figured I would use it to set my problem area (my t-zone) and my eyelids. I finished my cheeks, lips and eyes and went to work feeling fresh and looking DEWY!!

    Each client that walked threw the door made a different comment all pertaining to how "healthy" and "bright" I looked! Great day for my confidence!!! I haven't gone back - FF, I love the Glow you give me!

    *Read tomorrow's posts to get MORE tips and tricks on how to get that "Dewy look without having to use tons of bronzer and shimmer! Lets keep it looking natural for summer.

    Wednesday, April 28, 2010

    And the Winner Is.....

    Thanks to Everyone who pressed the "Like" button on FB for Lift Beauty Boutique!!

    Candice Joseph

    You Are the Lucky Lady to Win this amazing Prize Pack!
    Please contact us to redeem your gift!

    What's Next at Lift Beauty Boutique?
    An event You don't wanna miss!

    For more info Visit: Girls Night In at Lift on FB
    Hope To See You there! Xo

    Tuesday, April 27, 2010

    Bridal with my 'fav @MakeupJunkieJDT

    On the Road again with The Lift Beauty Girls!
    This weekend I had the honor of working, yet again, with one of my favorite ladies - Joy of The Amazing Make-upJunkie Blog
    Bridal season is in FULL swing - Joy and I will be helping to make a number of brides dreams come true this year!

    On Saturday we were warmly welcomed into Bride-Christina's home, where we met her adorable family and friends!
     Christina and Her Groom Bruno - Who we unfortunately didn't get to meet - were lucky with amazing weather and incredibly sweet and supportive family and friends! 
    What a great group of brides-maids!
    Here are some pics of our day with Bride Christina - Thanks again for welcoming us into your home and having us be a party of your special day! Xo 
     Christina asked for a classic bun with a modern flare, to match her modernized version of the traditional Lace Bridal Gown - By adding texture and volume to the the classic chinion I was able to give Christina exactly what she was looking for!
     Christina did ask for a natural look at her trial but as Joy completed what she had asked for, Christina realized she wanted a bit more! With a slight smoke on the eye, and a not so natural lip color Christina looked like herself, but totally glamorous for her big day!
    Joy used ALL Lift Cosmetics to get this look!
    Skin: N3 Duo Powder, Flawless Finish in Linen (Gives that Dewy Complexion),Temptress Blush
    Eyes: Chocolate Brown e/s, Snow White e/s, Pink Opal Loose Powder Pigment, Shimmering Mauve e/s, Moon Dust Loose Powder Pigment, Pleasant Plum e/s, Black Magic e/s, SuperLash Black Mascara -Waterproof
    Lips: True Desire Vanilla Bean Mineral Lipstick, Sweet Dreams Lip Gloss

    Christina's Total Look!
    Okay, So Lets talk Bridal Trends for Summer 2010:
    Last Year most of my brides were asking to wear their hair down, with a loose wave. A soft, natural look. 
    This Year it seems, most of my brides are asking for an updo! Most of them are still wanting that soft loose curl, but all UP! 
    Last Year I think I heard "I want to look VERY natural," every time we did a bride.
    This Year our brides and brides-maids want DRAMA! Smokey eyes, a strong lip, and dewy skin!
    *Every Bride is different but these are some of the trends I'm noticing more often than not!
    If you are interested in having us be a part of your big day, call 416-960-5438!

    Sunday, April 25, 2010

    Enjoy Your Weekend
    I know I'm enjoying Mine! Xo

    Saturday, April 24, 2010

    Breaking Mom's Fashion Rules... Sorry!


    It seems I have an event to attend almost every weekend this coming summer...
    I've decided I'm breaking the rules!

    1. Mom says: "A floor length dress is only suitable for a black tie event!" 
    2. Mom says: "To all formal events you should wear high heals!"
    3. Mom says: "It isn't appropriate to wear your hair in a Pony tail to an occasion."
    4. Mom says: "Heavy eye make-up isn't lady like, it's for a 'working girl,' it's important to always look classy!"
    5. Mom says: "Red lipstick is only to be worn to winter events."
    This Summer I will be wearing Floor Length Dresses with Flats - Sorry Mom!
    Oh, and things have changed - A smokey eye is something we do on purpose now a days - it isn't "morning after" eyeliner that's be smudged all over from a crazy unlady-like night in the bedroom! When done right, it can look super classy!
    One last thing - Although I still wouldn't pair a dark smokey eye with red lips, I WOULD WEAR RED LIPS YEAR ROUND!!(For Summer Try Lift Cosmetics' 'Summer Solstice,' it's the perfect red for the summer months!!) You just have to choose the right red for the season. 
    And for the record, a good Pony Tail can look totally polished and classy! 

    Friday, April 23, 2010

    Looking for your FEEDBACK...

    I personally keep my daily make-up routine super simple! 
    "5 minute face" - I use a pressed powder all over, apply highlight to the inner eye, brow bone and cheek bones, add a wash of blush on the cheeks and the eye crease, amp up my lashes with mascara and apply a gloss or lipstick.  
    One of my client's recently asked me why I don't use my "Make-up Artist Skills," on myself on a daily basis. 
    The Truth: I think a clean, fresh and natural look is the most attractive for a daily face. I also think that showing some imperfections and depth (on the skin) makes you look human and approachable. 
    *Don't get me wrong, when I know the camera's will be click, click, clicking, I make sure to conceal, contour and wow with my artistry on my eyes.

    I'm curious to know what YOU do on a daily basis!

    We want to know... Do you use concealer & Foundation Every Day? 
    Just foundation on a daily basis and both on special occasions?
    **If you use concealer daily, is it to cover dark eye circles, blemishes or both?
    Tell us your age range: 
    16-18 yrs old
    19-21 yrs old
    22-25 yrs old
    26-30 yrs old
    31-35 yrs old
    35+ yrs old
     Has your daily make-up routine changed with age? 

    Respond in a "comment" and receive a FREE Make-up Application a Lift!

    Thursday, April 22, 2010

    My Opinion on Extensions!

    I've been asked more times than I can count if my hair is all real or if I have extensions in! I've even had people pull on my hair to try and call my bluff!
    Once they realize my hair is ALL mine, the residual question is generally; "What's your opinion on extensions?"

    There are 2 Types:
    1. Bonded Extensions: Small bundles of hair attached close to the root of your natural hair. 
    $ - When getting Bonded extensions, you have to pay for the hair itself and as well the professional service of having them put in, maintained and removed. This can cost thousands of dollars
    Pro's: You don't have to take the hair on and off daily (it isn't attractive to pull wefts of hair off your head before getting into bed with your Boo!), you don't have to wash the extensions separately from your natural hair
    Con's: Bonded extensions can often cause damage to your natural hair - stress on the roots, tight bond can rip hair out or break natural hair at the bond point. Bonded hair extension generally don't look natural and more often than not they look STRINGY! Our hair doesn't grow out of the root in bundles! You have to invest in special brushes, shampoos and conditions and have to be VERY careful when styling your hair with hot tools!
    2. Clip-In Extensions: Large Wefts of Hair with clips to attach and detach from your natural hair. 
    $ - Price can range quite dramatically for clip in extensions, depending on if the hair is synthetic or natural and the quality of the hair. You should be able to get a great set of $300.00 and your stylist should offer to trim them for you at no cost! 
    Pro's: If clipped in properly these can look 100% like your natural hair because the hair is free falling rather than bundled. You can style without concern with hot tools. Minimal to zero damage to the your natural hair with clip in extensions. Other than the initial cost of the hair there should be no further expenses to maintain them. 
    Cons: Have to take them in and out daily. Washing is done separately from your natural hair.

    To sum it up, I am not a fan of permanent bonded hair extensions. 
     Jenny Humphrey of Gossip Girl is sporting bonded extensions, look how stringy they look! Next time you are watching GG watch out for the bonds, I spot them every time! YUCK!

    Photo Cred:

    Call to book a Free Consultation about Clip in extensions 416-960-5438
    With the purchase of a set receive a FREE placement lesson, extension trim and dry style!
    We don't carry extensions, special order necessary.
    Colour matching not guaranteed on first try, no charge for re-order on wrong colour match.

    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    Give Away Time!!

    So, it has been 3 months since I...
    1. Started Writing this Blog
    2. Opened a Twitter Account, @LiftBeautyGirls
    3. Made a Facebook Fan Page for Lift Beauty Boutique

    As a result; My TweetDeck doesn't shut up, my BlackBerry buzzes constantly with Facebook updates and my email inbox is rammed with questions and comments from this blog! Although sometimes I feel like I have developed A.D.D because of all of this, I absolutely LOVE it!!!

    Over past 3 months; I have had over 100 people click follow @LiftBeautyGirls on Twitter, over 200 people become Fans of Lift Beauty Boutique on Facebook and 25 people become official followers on this blog. *I must not forget to mention the MANY nameless hits/clicks that we get daily on our blog and website! 

    I want to thank all of you for giving me the confidence to do this by giving great feedback and checking in regularly. I hope that these numbers will only increase dramatically over time! Psst.. Tell your friends! hehe
    In Honour of our 100th, 200th and 25th Followers, fans and hits, as promised a GIVEAWAY is here!

    Here's how it will work: If you haven't joined our Facebook FAN page (not the "group" - can't get rid of that old thing for some reason) please do so by Wednesday April 28th as the winner will be drawn from the list of Fans!

    The Winner Will get a wonderful Prize Pack filled with the following:

    Orly Rich Renewal Cream
    3x Orly Polishes

    DannyCo Nail Buffer 
    (Amazing Product, Haven't told you about it yet!)

    DannyCo Nail File  
    (Best Nail file in the Market in my Opinion, Haven't told you about it yet either!)
    Moroccan Oil

    Lift Cosmetics':
    Someone's going to enjoy a Schwarzkopf Cosmetic Bag filled will all of these goodies!!!
    The Winner will be announced next Wednesday, check back to see if it's YOU!!

    Tuesday, April 20, 2010

    Lift Cosmetics got TV cred last week!

    Hey Eveyone, Hope you had a wicked weekend!

    Short but FUN post today!

    Lift Cosmetics Got ANOTHER TV appearance! YAY!!

    Lucky; the super talented and amazingly sweet celebrity make-up artist for MTV used a few of our Products on JESSI, co-host of 'The After Show.'

    Here's the Link to the episode, check it out!

    P.S. I love her dress from the H & M Garden Collection - Too bad I'm way too short to pull it off! Hahah

    Here's a list of the LIFT product's she's wearing:

    • Gloss: Mint Kiss

    • Bronzer: Golden Glow

    • Loose Pigment: Moon Dust

    Lucky said;  "I am loving the LIFT Cosmetics bronzer in "Golden Glow"... and i'm SO not a bronzer person! looks great as a contouring blush, too... "

    Visit us to try the look!

    Sunday, April 18, 2010

    Happy Weekend!

    Hope You Are Enjoying Your Weekend!
    See You Tuesday, Xo

    Saturday, April 17, 2010

    Day 3 of Hair Science

    Continued from yesterday....

    So, I had succeeded in training my hair to produce less oil and therefore was able to go a day or 2 between Shampooing! Hurray!
    I knew that my PH balance had leveled out because I my scalp wasn't producing as much oil and grease! BUT my bottle of Shampoo was empty...


    I chose to switch shampoos to Schwarzkopf's BlondMe Reflective Luminosity Shampoo!

    *Most professional shampoos do have a balanced PH level, so once your scalp is balanced you should be safe to switch to ANY of Schwarzkopf's Shampoos! I'm going to try their NEW VOLUME Shampoo and Conditioner next. 

     Here's my hair schedule and how I make one Shampoo last 4 days!
    Day 1: Shampoo and condition hair in the shower - towel dry hair - Apply BUFF to the mid shafts and ends and spray all over with GLAMOUR QUEEN - Go to bed with hair wet! *By NOT blow drying your hair from WET to DRY you are saving it the stress of direct heat!

    Day 2: Wake up with hair a MESS! Blow dry the roots (whether they are wet or dry) to fluff up the hair - add another light spray of GLAMOUR QUEEN! Then I enhance my natural shape. Ex. If my hair is mostly straight that day I touch up the few strands that have a wave with a flat iron. If my hair has a nice wave to it, I enhance it by curling a few locks with a similar sized curling iron. If it's a complete mess, I brush it out and curl the entire head!

    Day 3: Brush out my hair, weather it is straight or curly - add DUST IT (Dust It helps me go the exta couple of days by mattifying my hair! The texture feels weird but it definitely does the trick and looks wicked - it adds volume too) and another spray of GLAMOUR QUEEN - touch up any funny pieces from your slumber with a curling iron or flat iron, shake it out and go.

    Day 4: Brush threw, toss head upside down - shake with your hands, flip over and smooth out. Add a small amount of MOROCCAN OIL to the ends - pin a few pieces back and go!

    Day 5: WASH! I do 2 shampoo's and conditioner and start over again!
    I hope you try training your hair! Let me know how it works out!
    All of the products that I use are available at LIFT and are relatively low in $$$,  call 416-960-5438 to get them!

    Friday, April 16, 2010

    Day 2 of Hair Science

    Alright, So yesterday we talked about what greasy hair is and why it happens!
    As promised, today we shall talk about balancing your scalp's PH to get rid of the problem.

    Do the OBVIOUS: 
    1. Eat Healthy Foods, ALWAYS! haha ya right!
    2. Make sure your hormones levels are PERFECT! Hahah easy huh!?!
    3. DO what I did...
    Remove the build up, and imbalance induced fungus with  
    BC DEEP CLEANSING SHAMPOO by Schwarzkopf ($14.00 - 250ml)
     This shampoo removes excess oil without drying the hair and scalp out.
    BC Deep Cleanse Shampoo removes only the excess oil, leaving the essential oils that the hair and scalp need to remain healthy.
    "Deep cleansing surfactants build a compound of active ingredients to gently and effectively cleanse away elements of product build-up, minerals and excess grease." - Schwarzkopf
    *Delays re-greasing of the scalp.

    * Apply to wet hair.
    * Massage.
    * Leave for 2 minutes.
    * Rinse.

    Don't forget to condition your hair too... Remember your hair naturally "conditions" your roots by producing grease. So when you use conditioner focus on using it on your Mid-shafts and Ends... do not massage it into the scalp.

    I used the Deep Cleansing Shampoo with Schwarzkopf's Repair Conditioner ($14.00 - 200ml).

    *This wont fix your problem in ONE shampoo! Be patient please...
    Here's what happened with my hair:
    • The first 5 days I continued to wash my hair EVERYDAY!
    • Day 6 I broke the habit and didn't wash my hair. By the end of the day I felt like my hair looked greasy but everyone I asked, assured me that it didn't look greasy at all!
    • Day 7 I washed my hair but didn't shampoo again for 2 days (however, on the last day I did pull my hair into a pony because I felt self conscious.)
    From there On, I was able to go 2-3 days between Shampoos!
    This will be different for EVERYONE but the effects should be noticed by the time you finish the bottle of shampoo!
    As I'm sure you noticed, these products aren't crazy $$$!
    If you are interested in purchasing them Call 416-960-5438 
    Check back tomorrow for the next step...

    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    4 Day Hair Schedule...

    Okay, So I have been asked the same question TOO many times to count...

    "How do you get your hair to look like that!?!"
    3 Day old Hair!

    So, Over the next few days I will be giving you a step by step on how to train your hair to last longer than a day and how to get volume and shape! Keep Checking in, day to day to get the full benefit!

    Step One: Understanding your hair...
    More often than not people complain to me about the fact that their hair gets too "greasy" too fast and therefore have to Shampoo and restyle their hair daily!

    Let's get to the bottom of this!
    1. Greasy Hair is not really GREASY hair! The problem as you are all aware is your scalp.  The sebum (oil) from the scalp travels down your hair making the hair look greasy, limp and smelly. Grease/oil is always more noticeable on straight hair than curly - Sorry Straight hair Ladies, I know how this sucks.. I'm in your boat!
    2. Often the problem stems from having a DRY scalp. Our bodies are sensitive to a dry scalp and will over produce oil to heal the problem! This unfortunately, almost ALWAYS results in an OVERABUNDANCE of oil and GREASY hair!
    3.  The question is, how do we get a dry scalp?! There are a number of reasons for this. To list a few; Genetics, Hormone Changes, Weather Changes, Product use, etc. The underlying issue is ALWAYS your scalp's PH level!
    4. You can effect your PH level through healthy eating but the easiest way to balance your PH is by using the right Shampoo! Shampoo can range from a 4 PH to an 8.5. Most of us like the feeling of our hair when we use a HIGH PH shampoo but using a high PH shampoo is generally the culperate for this problem!  
    5. Generally skin has a PH level of 5 yet most shampoos have a PH ranging somewhere near 8. IMPORTANT: Greasy, flakey, smelly scalp is general a sign of a FUNGUS, caused by a HIGH PH, GROSS... I know, but it's the truth. These PH imbalance Fungus' cannot live on a low PH scalp. Every time you shampoo with a high ph product you are contributing to your scalp’s higher ph and in turn making to the problems worse. 
    Now that you know the cause of your problem lets talk about the solution... Tomorrow!
    Visit tomorrow for the remady...

    Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    Lightening your Locks; Free Product!

    I don't get outside much, cause I'm generally behind the chair making one of you lovely ladies look amazing, or sitting at the computer blogging or doing admin work! 
    However, a hair stylist always know when summer is on it's way because we are generally booked back to back with FOILS!!!
    People always asking me why women have the tendency of lightening their hair in the summer months!

    That's Little Me, don't laugh!! Look how beautiful my blond locks are!

    Here are my thoughts:
    As children we spend a LOT more time outside, especially in the summer! The sunlight changes the tone and level (darkness vs. lightness) of EVERYONE's hair! Take a look at pictures of yourself from the summers of your childhood and you will notice that the sun had effected your hair colour in the most gorgeous of ways!

    That sun-kissed look makes everyone feel youthful and vibrant which is why, we always see a trend to go lighter in the spring and summer months!

    *Tip, when lightening your hair avoid changing the OVERALL colour, just add THIN, natural looking highlights to enhance your natural look! Avoid straying too far from your natural colour, 3-4 shades lighter is enough! 

    Yesterday I must have put over 1000 packets of foils in, and I look forward to many more!

    When booking your highlights mention this post and receive a FREE 
    Conditioning Treatment 
    and take home a 
    ColourSave Shampoo and Conditioner Trail Set!

    Tuesday, April 13, 2010

    Fashion Induced Stress Case!

    Photo Cred:

    Does your DESIRE to look Fashionable make you happy or give you grief?

    Weekend = Social Activity = ANXIETY!

    *I ask this question because lately when it comes time for me to get dolled up for a social engagement I find myself feeling stressed out!

    Hair and Make-up, I LOVE DOING! Infact, I look forward to doing my hair and make-up for a night out!
    I'm confident in my abilities and always feel like my hair and make-up looks just right!

    But when it comes to clothing, I definitely get worked up and generally my room looks like a tornado has passed threw it by the time I have found an outfit!

    I have been trying to blame it on my wardrobe, but honestly it can't be the problem! I have more clothes than any one person needs and if I do say so myself I have a great balance of basics, classics and statement pieces.

    I think the 2 main reasons that getting dressed stresses me out are;

    1. I watch too much TV, Read too many Magazines and follow too many fashion blogs! I WANT, I WANT, I WANT! Honestly, everywhere I turn, I see something new that I want and then when I try to get dressed, all I can think about is what I DON'T have!
    2. My body keeps changing! It seems from week to week I'm a different size and/or shape! None of my clothes fit the way they are suposed to anymore! I'm on a budget ladies, I can't just replace my entire wardrobe!
    I just want to look my best!!! Should I just go on a bit of a VISA shopping spree?

    Are any of you feeling this???
    Is it because of the season change, or do you feel it year round??
    Does great hair and make-up take away from a bad outfit? 
    Can I get away with wearing so/so clothing because my hair and make-up are styled to perfection?

    Sunday, April 11, 2010

    Happy Weekend Everyone!

    Hope you are all enjoying your Weekend! Xo

    Saturday, April 10, 2010

    Don't Wanna Wash and ReStyle your Hair??

    Here's one of my Lazy Day Tricks:
    Hot way to look Styled without putting TOO much effort in!

    • Flat, 2 Day Old hair!

    • Added some Dust It at the Roots and Sprayed Glamour Queen ALL OVER, tossed my head upside down and messed it up! 

    • Pulled my hair into a low side pony tail

    •  Braided the Pony

    • Slid the elastic from the top, down to the bottom, to hold the braid!

    • With ONE bobby pin I tucked the extra hair back, to give more shape!

    •  Then SPRAYED all over AGAIN with Glamour Queen!

    TADAAA! What do you think??

    Friday, April 9, 2010

    I'll Have the French Manicure of Make-up Please!

    A few weeks ago the Lift Beauty Girls where given the Honour of Dolling Up some of the U of T, Law Graduates for their "Law Ball!"
    When Lauren asked one of the Beauties;
    "So what do you wanna do with your Make-up today?"  
    Her friend piped up from my hair chair, and said:
    "She wants the French Manicure of Make-up!" 

    Jen Sporting the French Manicure of make-up.
    Pic Cred:
    Looking Classy, Elegant & put together, while still looking like yourself! 
    Here's how to get your "French Manicure of Make-up"
    • Prep your skin: Exfoliate, Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize. Mix some concealer into your Moisturizer.
    *Try Lift's Alpha Hydroxy Skin Care Line 
    • Dust a Dual Powder over your entire face & under the jaw. Use a sponge or stiff brush to apply a more concentrated amount of powder on the eye-lid and under the eye
    • Highlight the Face: Using a matte nude shadow that is lighter than your skin tone apply to the Cheek Bones, Inner Eye, eye lid - crease down to lash line, under the bottom last line, Brow Bone, Nose and chin.
    *Try 'Vanilla Sky' or 'Snow White'
    • Contour the Face: Using a matte Bronzer or Neutral Blush that is slightly darker than your skin tone apply to the hollows of your cheeks, crease of the eye, under the Jaw and press a little into the bottom lash line.
    *I like to use 'Natural Glow' or 'Dusk' 
    • Add a Wash of Colour: Using a soft matte, shimmery or pearl blush of your choice, with a large fluffy brush add a soft wash of colour to the apples of your cheeks, across the bridge of the nose, and a quick sweep over the eyes.
    *'Temptress' adds a nice glow and pop of colour
    • Define your Eyes: Using a Dark Brown or Black Liner, line the top lash line from the outside - 3/4 of the way in. Keep it a THIN and crisp line!
    * Lift's "Chestnut Liner looks perfect
    • LASHES: Coat those lashes with lots of mascara, avoid clumping mascara!
    * Black/Brown Super Lash Mascara gives length without clumping
    • Enhance your Lips: Apply a clear gloss over a Lipstick that's just slightly richer than your natural lip colour!
    *My Fav: 'Flirt' vanilla bean mineral lipstick under Lift's Clear Lip Plumper!
    This Look is Timeless & Enhances your natural beauty! Try it out!

    Thursday, April 8, 2010

    I'm seeing signs of aging in my 20's, are you?

    I love my busy life of Owning and Operating a Boutique/Salon, Writing a beauty Blog, Keeping fit, Shopping and having a social life!
    However, the past 4 years of this BUSY, BUSY life style have definitely paid a toll on my skin - WRINKLES!

    As most of you are aware I recently celebrated my 25th Birthday! At the age of 25, is it normal to have deep wrinkles and dark circles under your eyes?

    Lift Cosmetics has a Line of Alpha Hyrdroxy Skin Care but we haven't yet come out with an Eye Cream...
    *For the past 2 years I have been using Lancome's 'Primordiale Eye,' I really liked it, and thought it was working well, but eventually I developed some sort of allergy to the product - It was causing some serious stinging and major redness - RED FLAG! I stopped using it immediately and started a hunt for something new!

    I was sent a new Product called "Firm" to sample...
    *It is an Oil-Free, Face & Eye Serum!

    Here's what I looked like before use - no make-up! (YUCK)

    Here's what I looked like after 1 week of use....

    I can see a HUGE improvement in the colour and wrinkles in such a short period of use! I can't wait to see how I'm looking after a month of using "FIRM." After 2-4 Months I should see major changes, "firmer, smoother, and more radiant" skin.

    *Dark Under eye circles due to:
    A) Overproduction of melanin (the same pigment in your hair shaft) - hereditary
    B) Poor blood circulation & the break down of the capillary walls
    C) Gathering of Blood & inflammation under the eyes 
    D) Thinning of the skin under the eyes. 
    *Wrinkles due to : 
    A) Aging
    B) Sun damage
    C) Poor elasticity. 
    *Puffiness due to:
    A) Fluid trapped under the eye - usually worst in the morning! It is temporary and can be caused by alcohol, salty foods or tears the night before.

    What do you use?? Would you be interested in Trying this Product?  
    I'm thinking about bringing it to the Lift Shelves...
    Let me know!

    Wednesday, April 7, 2010

    Bond with Your Polish!

    So, as all of you are aware I LOVE POLISH!

    Problem: My job has a tendency of RUINING a gorgeous polish application in one day! 

    The Culprits:
    1. Nails Submerged in Water - washing client's hair
    2. Chemicals - Colouring Services, and Hair Spray
    3. Heat - Hot air of the blow dryer 
    Chipped nails aren't pretty and it literally was happening the 1st day of wear, EVERY TIME!

    Until I found the...
    Solution: Orly's BONDER

    I've tried countless base coats since everyone says that they are the key to keeping a polish on your nails! As I mentioned above with ALL of them, my beautiful nail polish only ever lasted ONE DAY!
    That was until I found 'Bonder,' this base coat is different from the rest because it dries with a tacky or rubbery finish! The stickiness gives your polish  something to GRAB onto!
    With Bonder I can work a 5 day week at the Salon with minimal chipping! YAY!
    Our clients are loving Bonder, so we have had to start retailing it!
    Wanna give it a shot?

    Visit us for a $5.00 Polish Application (Reg. $15.00) and see how long your pretty nails last for! 

    Tuesday, April 6, 2010

    My Easter...

    The consumption of Chocolate over the Easter Long week-end MUST be insane!
    I don't even celebrate Easter, but I was definitely craving chocolate because everyone around me was scarfing it down!

    I remember when I was little, I was pretty much the only kid in my class who didn't celebrate this fun holiday... I loved painting Easter Eggs and hunting for chocolate Bunny's.. Mmmmm Yum at school with all of my friends! I was always jealous that the other kids got to do it all over again at home with their parents!
    So, this year I decided to bring those memories back by embracing the Easter Holiday through Beauty!

    Why Paint Eggs when You can Paint your Nails???

    Over the Easter Weekend these were the popular colour choices at Lift Beauty Boutique!

    Left to Right
    Basket Case . Life's a Peach . Blue Collar . Hook Up 
    I've got Basket Case on my nails! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

    What do you think?
    Would you wear any of these crazy colours?