Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday = Weekend Gossip Sesh!

IceFest & Birthday PARTY...

Okay, so the ice sculptures were totally breath taking! It's amazing how detailed they were! I'm assuming the Canadian theme was in honour of Canada hosting the Olympics. Someone should have sent these Toronto ice artists out to BC to help with the opening ceremonies!
Did any of you visit the Yorkville Icefest??
 *Sorry to those clients who were trying to get to us on Saturday - traffic was insane and Cumberland Street was closed!
So the VIBE at LBB on Saturday was absolutely amazing which put me in the BEST mood... which was necessary for my BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! My birthday was officially spread over 4 WEEKS this year... Tee-hehe

After a LONG day at work, I'm not usually in the mood to socialized. I have a habit of putting on my PJ's and plopping myself on my couch for the night! But my BF and I had committed to hosting an annual party in honour of both of our Birthday's. We do it every year and it's always a great time, lots of food, drinks and friends!

This year was NO exception!! Our place was filled with LOVE, laughter, friendship and of course ICE CREAM CAKE!

Mmmmm Yummmy!

Although I had made it clear on the invite that the party would be super casual, as the HOST and Birthday Girl I felt it wasn't appropriate to be plopped on the couch in my PJ's.

I decided to go for an "unpolished, feminine chick" look!

Here's how I put it together:


- Wrapped large sections of my hair around a medium sizes curling iron and sprayed (before and after) with Glamour Queen!

- With a tinny clip, I tucked a few locks away from my face and secured them at the nap of my neck!


- Some people say NO bronzer in the winter.... I'm not those people! As long as you have the right shade of bronzer you can get away with it year round and I definitely made that statement at my bday party!

- I used some warm Chestnut Eye Liner, and a soft pink shimmer on my inner eyes and cheek bones... LOADS of mascara and completed it with a soft lip; Flirt *my go to lip shade!


IT WAS HOT IN HERE (Temperature!)

- So I threw on a soft rose coloured, racer back tank and layered on top of it a winter white lace cami (casual but cute)..

- Dark denim - wide leg jeans, and caramel coloured oxford shoes!

- and to pull it all together, a long strand of pearls and a stunning gold key necklace (Thanks to my old friend Lauren!)

Let me know what you think of my look....

To get this look purchase the following items:
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Osis' Glamour Queen
Medium Size Curling Iron (Special order)
Lift Cosmetics' Tropical Tan Bronzer
Lift Cosmetics' Chestnut Liner
Lift Cosmetics' Temptress Blush
Lift Cosmetics' Flirt Vanilla Bean Mineral Lipstick

Should Lift be carrying accessories and clothing too, or what??

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  1. Emily you look stunning! Looks like you had a great time. Love birthdays!