Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday's = Glam Tip or Trick

Flash Back:

About 15 years ago...I tip-toed into my Mother's bathroom where she kept her make-up bag, and decided it was time that I play with her stash!

Not to pat myself on the back or anything, but it was going pretty smoothly and looking quite good until... I found her mascara!!

Okay Ladies, we've all done it, and STILL do it! *Yes, I admit, every once in a while, when in a rush, I will accidently hit my cheek or upper eyelid with my mascara wand, leaving a big dark blob on my skin!

I heard my Mom come in the front door, panicked (I didn't want her to catch me with make-up on) and tried to remove all of it, but most of all the big black mess of mascara on my eyelid by rubbing viciously with water and tissue. This clearly didn't work! Long story short, Mom found me, giggled, soaked a cotton round with make-up remover and gently wiped the evidence away!

Since then, I have been using make-up remover for this problem but it's always so frustrating because it generally means you have to start your look over again!

NOT ANYMORE! Here's a great trick!

If you get a little or a LOT of mascara on your skin, let it dry completely before attempting to remove it!

Once the mascara is dry, take a fresh q-tip and place the head of it directly on the dark mark.

Apply some pressure and twist the q-tip, this should remove the problem with little damage to the rest of your look!

*Ta-dah!!! If only I had known...

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