Friday, February 12, 2010

The Forgotten Body Part...

It seems that most of Toronto’s ladies forget about our feet in the winter months. Statistics show that the pedicure business drops across the city, VERY dramatically from September to May.
Are you neglecting your feet for more than HALF the year?
We may not be strolling around in sandals here in Toronto, but hopefully we are snuggled under the covers with someone! Whether it be your BF or BFF no one wants to feel your sand paper feet against theirs!

Keeping your feet in good condition doesn’t necessarily entail having a full pedi, try a scrub once a week at home - or - indulge in a custom foot scrub, mask and massage for $20.00!
Tip: Ask for Melissa, she gives the BEST massages; feet, hands and scalp!
*When booking your appointment mention the blog!

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