Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love you Tomorrow, it's only a day away!!!

VALENTINE’S DAY - with a loved one? Or Out Looking for one to LOVE?                                   

Either way, the look has to be just right! Being approachable while also being SMOKING HOT is hard to achieve. So here are a few pointers!
(Take a Tip or Two from Blake -  Totally hot, while still being herself!)

Guys like touchable hair, so lay off the hard hold hair spray. No need for helmet head.
  • Try Osis’ Elastic, it will hold your style while keeping your hair soft and moveable!

Kissable Lips: I don’t know about you, but I don’t like leaving evidence on my man! Flesh tones are SOOOO in.
  • Try Lift Cosmetics’ “flirt,” it will keep your lips, soft and subtle.

Made you BLUSH! ;)
A soft wash in a warm pink colour will keep your crush, date or LOVER’s confidence up! It will be our little secret that it isn’t him making you blush that perfect shade of pink!
  • Try "Natural Glow," by Lift cosmetics, this colour is perfect for every skin tone!
Hope you all have the most romantic and movie-like Valentine’s Day!

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