Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The 5 Minute Style and Frost Bitten Ends...

The truth is, this weather isn’t great for long locks!


I dunno about you guys but I trim my hair ever 6-8 weeks which is frequent enough that I shouldn’t be getting split ends, and I’m NOT!
Here's the trick; not only do I trim on the reg but I also use the hair saving "Moroccan Oil." This product is absolutely unbelievable and it's totally dummy proof. It can be used on wet OR dry hair and it smells soooooo good.
The benefit: The molecules in this oil are actually small enough to saturate into the hair shaft, chalking the hair full of all of the right things to keep it looking, feeling and truly BEING healthy.

I've also learnt to work with what I’ve got, to save my ends.... (It's less time consuming too.)
Tip: try do avoid using heat to style your hair. Ie. Blow dryer/curling iron/flat iron

The 5 minute Do:
  1. Shower, Apply Moroccan Oil.... give your hair a break and let it try naturally.
  2.  Apply Osis “Magic” and “4-Play” from root to end, to tame and frizz and to add texture. Then toss all of that hair into a loose and very low pony. (If you want some volume at the root, do a little back combing prior to pulling it back/if you have short layers in the front let them hang out )
  3. You remember the 90's, close to your scalp and above your elastic divide the hair in two, making room to pull your ponnied hair threw.
  4. Twist, tease and knot the hair that has been pulled threw.  
  5. Grab a hand full of bobby pins and start pinning your tassled locks into a low cluster
*Tip: Cross Pinning will help to keep the hair from falling.

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