Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Perect Honeymoon & Style in France...

Well the honeymoon is over! I am back to work and back in Canada. Since Emily has shared with you the amazing looks she created for the wedding I figured why not share some of the great beauty tricks I learned on my honeymoon! Over the next couple of Blogs I will share with you some of the exciting places I visited in France and how to copy their chic Parisian style!

Ah Paris! The first and definitely my favourite beauty spot of my travels!  We checked out all the amazing sites like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Versailles, and the Louvre but also, and to me most importantly, the AMAZING Paris Shopping! With the French high end beauty lines such as Lancôme, Dior, Chanel, and countless more chic little boutique I made it my mission to find out what makes those Parisian girls so glam.

After checking out the stores and scoping out all of those beautiful Parisian girls I noticed some very common elements between the way they all did their makeup. Dark lined eyes, even soft skin, and blotted subtle lips. The look was so sexy and carefree I felt the need to create the look on myself. I pulled out my Lift Cosmetics and came up with a real classic French Makeup look that I made it my mission to follow! Here is your ‘How to’ on looking très très chic!

1.    I added a little Camouflage Concealer into my moisturizer to even out my skin - light beige.

2.    I finished off my skin using our Dual Powder. It gives that little extra coverage and controls shine without looking too matte or dry. I used shade C2 and a large powder brush to buff it over my skin.

3.    Then I contoured my face using 491 Capri Blush to create sculpted cheek bones and defined my features. Swept it under my cheek bones, around the edges of my face and over my eyelids.

4.    Highlighting time! I used 111 Vanilla Ice Shadow over my cheek bones, brow bones, and in the inner corner of my eye.

5.    Time for those French coal rimmed eyes! I used Onyx eyeliner to line my upper and lower lash line starting at the outer edge of my eye working my way inward with little sweeps.

6.    Grabbed 109 Black Magic Shadow and being on vacation, I just used a q-tip to smudge the shadow over my liner from outer edge in, to create a soft smoky eye line.

7.    Applied Super Lash Black Mascara, and Lots of it!

8.    Finished off with a Vanilla Bean Mineral Lipstick in Flirt and lightly blotted with a tissue! This formula is perfect to copy their look because it is soft and sheer.

Parfait! My French Makeup Look is complete! Wanna try it out? Call Lift at 416-960-5438 for a complimentary mini makeup, just mention this blog!

Keep reading, next time I will go over some Chic Hairstyles, and my French Rivera Look!

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