Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lauren's Maid of Honour - How to get her Look!

Amazingly styled, confident, funny and naturally beautiful!
Alicia, Lauren's sister and Maid of Honour is a Fashion Stylist with one of the Top agencies in Toronto. She is constantly surrounded by fashion, glamour and the top make-up and hair artists in the city, at magazine shoots, runways shows and more...

I have had the pleasure of being Alicia's hair stylist for the past 3 years... but the pressure was on for this event! I had the challenge of working with 2 different hair textures on ONE head - Alicia's natural hair is collar bone length, but for the wedding, she wanted a little more length and fullness so we brought in some extensions! I was able to match the colour PERFECTLY, but it is next to impossible to mimic hair textures!
Alicia's natural hair holds a curl beautifully - but the extensions definitely didn't!
I have to say, it was pretty nerve wracking - knowing that Casa Loma didn't have air conditioning and the weather was calling for CRAZY humidity! My fear was the Alicia's natural hair would hold the style we chose but that the extensions would fall straight! Imagine how silly that would look! My anxiety got the best of me, through nightmares the week before! I wasn't just the stylist at this wedding, but also the BFF, reader, and guest -  the entire family/all attendees KNEW it was ME who did the hair! *I had to find a way to make this work while still giving Alicia the "Look" she desired!

Here's how I did it:

I set Alicia's hair in a VERY neat and tidy, traditional "curling iron set." 
I worked from the nape up,clipping the extensions in as I reached the desired locations. 
I was sure to use Glamour Queen and Dust It at the roots, Elastic at the mid-shafts and ends, and Freeze after the hair was curled.

Because I knew the extensions were less likely to hold a curl, I used a smaller curling barrel than I would normally to achieve the *LOOK we were going for!
On the extensions I used my 3/4" Iron and on Alicia's natural hair, I used my 1" Iron.
(Small and Medium Sized Barrels in the Amika Set)
When her entire head was in the SET, I sprayed all over with Freeze and the Sessions (Sessions = Osis' Hardest hold hair spray - AMAZING stuff) 
I kicked Alicia out of my chair and moved on to the other ladies. 
A couple of hours later and I had Alicia sitting in my chair again - it was time to take the set down and see how the curls looked!
Once all of the pins where out I brushed her hair heavily with a cushion brush.
The curls were still VERY strong, but we knew they would drop as soon as we stepped outside!
I sprayed her again with Sessions and her hair looked FABULOUS all night long! Here's the final look!
Classic, Timeless, and Elegant - Just Like Alicia herself!

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