Thursday, June 10, 2010

Going back on my word... Sorry! Lauren's Bachlorette!

I know I said I would go over each of the 4 characters from Sex In the City 2, but it seems that absolutely every blog out there is doing that! So I'm stopping half way threw and moving on to something else....

Hope you don't mind!

Let's talk about
Lauren's Bachlorette Party!
Yikes, What a night...
I have to admit that it has been years since I've gone to the club district for a girls night out and I actually felt nervous about it...
I had worked the entire day and then styled the Bride herself, the last thing I wanted to do was go home and get dolled up myself!
I know I'm a boring old hag - I just love my pj's, couch & pasta after a long week of work!
But I had to SUCK it up and get gorgeous for my BFF! I would totally expect her to do the same for me!

Why talk about what I looked like when we can talk about LAUREN!
HOLY Victoria's Secret RunWay look! Smoken HOT!
Here's how we did it...
1. I curled large sections of her hair with my Amika medium size barrel (from the Amika 3pc Iron set - On sale right now at Lift for $200.00, normally $250.00 )
2. As each section was curled I rolled the curl back up to her scalp and pinned them into a "roller set" minus the rollers - you can use bobby pins to hold the curls in place.
I used Glamour Queen and Dust it on the roots, and Elastic on the Mid-shafts/ends.

3. Once I had her entire head of hair pinned up, I made her wear this old fashion looking set ALL day at work - our clients thought it was Hilarious! It isn't necessary to let your hair set for a full 8hr work day, but if you can, WHY NOT?? (The shortest amount of time for setting would be a a suggested 10min.)
*Here's Lauren working on a client with our new Summer Collection - Pretty!
 4. When all of the clients left, I sat Lauren in my chair and pulled all of the setting pins out!
5. I sprayed with Freeze and ran my hands through the curls to encourage LARGE, expanded, messy curls! I did a little bit of teasing at the roots and then pinned the sides back to make it appear "half up."

So Sexy!!!

Add some drama to the eyes, a killer dress and some pink champagne!

What do you think???
Try it at home and let me know how it works out!