Saturday, June 5, 2010

Miranda Hobbes - Best Friend, Lawyer, Mother, Wife

Miranda Hobbes - Best Friend, Lawyer, Mother, Wife - and the least fashionable of the 4! (In my opinion!)

I have to say that Miranda looked the best that I've seen her in Sex and the City 2. I even caught myself thinking - I like that dress, when seeing her on the big screen!

44 Year old Cynthia Nixon was beautiful in the movie. True to her character - her hair was short and red! It seems she has been almost every shade of red over the years as Miranda and has always kept her hair cropped quite short! (Cynthia's hair appears to be naturally thin in texture, keeping your hair short when it is thin, gives the appearance of MORE hair.)

The above picture is from the 2nd Sex and the City Movie. Note how radiant she looks! Thanks to her RICH, coppery red locks her skin looks warm and bright! Her make-up artist chose to match the majority of her make-up to her hair rather than working with contrasting colours. This over-all warm toned pallet, with a POP of cool to contour her eyes, gave Cynthia a more youthful look. 

In the bellow picture is Cynthia at the New York Premier of the movie. Notice how different she looks with lighter hair and stronger make-up. In my opinion she is showing her age in a less desirable way in this picture!

To get the youthful look follow her cues from the movie:
  • If you are going to colour your hair, enhance your natural colour - don't stray too far away from your natural tone.
  • When choosing make-up colours stick with neutrals that are warm if you hair colour is warm and cool if your hair colour is cool. *Allow yourself ONE contrasting colour to add into the look! (Cynthia's make-up artist chose her ONE contrasting colour as a cool contouring colour for her eyes. Notice how the cool gray tone on her eyes makes the rest of her look appear BRIGHT- Top Picture)
  • Accentuate your eyes with a heavy CLEAN liner on the upper lid, and a softer application in the water-line on the bottom.
  • Sweep your blush color over the bridge of the nose for a youthful glow!
  • Create a crisp line around your lips with a lip liner for a younger look. (As we age our natural lip line diffuses into the surrounding skin because of pigment loss - children have strong definition around their lip line, mimic them!.)

Try Lift Cosmetics:
For our Warm ladies:
Vanilla Ice: Powder highlight
Steal Mist: Pop of COOL contour for the eyes
Tropical Tan: Bronzer
Lush: Mineral LipStick
Rosewood: Lip Liner

For our Cool Tone Ladies:
Snow White: Powder highlight
Bear Brown: Pop of WARM contour for the eyes
Temptress: Blush
Crush: LipStick
Passion: Lip Liner

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