Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Charlotte - Cupcakes, babies and a Valentino Skirt!

Babies, Cupcakes and a Valentino Skirt - HEAVEN!
Charlotte York or should I say Goldenblatt
The most naive of the 4 characters, believer of the old-fashioned, "love conquers all" notion!
 Charlotte is Charlotte & Charlotte doesn't change - anything other than her religion that is!
Her character is set in her ways and so is her hair style!
Princess Charlotte has been sporting long, dark locks with a heavy side part for as long as I can remember! Although she has looked beautiful with this style for years on end, I would have loved to see a change - maybe crop it up to her collar bone!?!
As shown in the above pictures Charlotte was seen with 2 different looks in the movie. One straight, and one curly - there was something between the 2 as well!
Here's How to get Her look:
Spray your hair ALL over with Glamour Queen
Heat your Amika Iron - Medium Size Attachment
Part your hair to the side
Curl Sections - when you remove your hair from the iron roll it back up from the bottom and pin as shown in the following pictures...


Once you have each piece curled and pinned (bobby pins) as shown in the pictures use "ELASTIC" hair spray, all over!
Let your hair "Set" by leaving it pinned for at least 30min 
*Do your make-up, and choose your outfit while waiting.
Remove the pins and brush you hair out with cushion brush
Spray with Elastic again, and Taddaaa - Charlotte Hair!

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