Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tip of the Day

I know I have rambled about shampooing & conditioning -> how often you should be doing it and all about PH levels and their relation to oily hair!

I've never given you any tips on techniques for Shampooing & Conditioning your hair!
I know this sounds silly; it isn't rocket science, but there are a few little tricks I would love to share with you!
1. Good Shampoo can be Pricey, to avoid wasting that good stuff make sure that you hair is SOAKING wet. If your hair is soaked you will be able to use less shampoo but still get that lather we all want!
2. Do no apply the shampoo to your ends, apply the shampoo to your roots and massage it in! Once your roots are all sudsy rub the excess bubbles into your ends. Then bring your ends up to your roots and massage again!
3. Do the opposite with conditioner from what I just said with Shampoo! Only apply conditioner to your ends and the mid shaft of the hair. Massage into the hair to make sure it is all coated!
4. With a jaw clip wrap your hair into a bun and clip it back. Kill some time in the shower by shaving your legs! When you are ready to rinse out the conditioner, get under the water flow and  massage your hair into your roots! The water will rinse the conditioner out while you are moisturizing your roots just slightly!
*Try these tips out and let me know if you notice a difference in your hair!


  1. Don't laugh - but I think this is the best post so far - since I wash my hair so often. Anyways, I am sharing this one with everyone!

  2. A week later and I'm JUST responding! eeeks, Sorry!
    I would never laugh and I am so glad that you found this post helpful!
    Share away....