Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rule of Thumb for Hair

So, for the last week I have been pushing our event "Girls Night In at Lift" for the Canadian Cancer Society but now it's over! I wanted to say thanks for all of the help and support it was such a great success and a lot of fun! I will post pictures soon!

Now on to blogging and my regular tips and tricks...

I've been asked too many times to count, "How often should I be getting my hair trimmed?"

Most Hair Stylist will give you the generic answer of "Every 6-8 weeks!" They give this answer for 2 reasons; 
1. For maximum hair health the 6-8 week period will ensure CLEAN ends!
2. Because it get's you back in their chair FREQUENTLY meaning more $$$ for them!

Here's the truth in it all:

The amount of time that you wait between cuts/trims depend on your hair style, your hair length and your hair type!

Let's start with Style: If your hair is extremely "styled," meaning bangs, heavy layering or asymmetrical than you will need to visit your stylist more regularly than someone who has a simple "traditional cut." 
Why you ask? 
Extra length on a very precise and artistic cut can alter the desired shape and design. You may notice that after just 3-4 weeks you feel your hair cut has "lost it's shape."

 On To Hair Length:
Short - Have you ever noticed that the men in your life generally get there hair cut 3 or 4 times the amount that you do? It isn't because their hair grows faster, it's because growth is far more noticeable on short hair than long! Those of you who have short hair, are rarely getting their hair cut to remove split ends, it's to maintain the shape of your style! People say short hair is the lowest maintenance, I totally disagree... I think it's the highest maintenance.
Length of time you should be going between cuts? hmmm, depends on your personal preferences.. as I mentioned you wont be cutting for hair health, so only you will know when your style has grown out! My short cut client's usually visit me every 4-6 weeks to maintain a flawless shape!
Medium - Medium length locks with a traditional cut can go the longest between trims! Why? Because when it grows out it just looks like a long version of your original cut, and your hair isn't so long that the ends split quickly. For you, I say wait as long as you want between cuts! When you desire a new style or your ends start to feel dry... visit your stylist!
Long - Us long locks ladies: 8 weeks should be your maximum wait period between cuts if you want your long hair to look full and healthy! Reason: Think about how old the hair at your ends is... YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS old! I would say my ends are about 6-7 years old. In those 6-7 years I have washed my hair too many times to count, blow dried it, curled it, straightened it, sat in the sun with it, swam with it SOOOOO many times! This repeat ware on the hair is very damaging. The longer your hair, the older your hair, the older your hair the more damaged your hair, the more damaged your hair the more split ends you get the more split ends - the more cuts you need!!!
*Long haired ladies always say "my hair stops growing after a certain length" THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! Here's the reason why it seems that way - Split ends break off the hair shaft, which makes the hair shorter. If you don't trim your hair, it will trim itself in a detrimental way and you will never notice growth because it's breaking off before you can see the difference! Hair breakage also results in an uneven, straggly, and fried look!

Last but not least, Hair Type:
Most Hair types react to the elements relatively the same. However if you have naturally dry hair or THIN hair, you must visit your stylist more frequently! Blame genetics for that!
Dry hair and thin hair, at whatever length will naturally deteriorate faster than other hair types. I suggest regular visits for a trim every 6 weeks for you ladies!

*Styling your hair with product and hot tools can also effect the length between when you need to revisit your stylist. Using heavy products with a high alcohol level will cause the hair to dry out and split = extra visits for trims. The same thing applies to using BAD hot tools without protecting the hair with GOOD products! To prevent damage from styling I suggest the following products:
Amika Irons
Buff (Styling cream and protector) by Osis 
Moroccanoil® Glimmer Shine Spray


  1. Awesome post! Thanks so much for the valuable info!

  2. Great post on hair! In a few more weeks I'll probably need a trim! Next visit will have to pick up the Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray!

  3. Thanks for this post Emily!!! Your points about long hair make so much sense, but somehow I never thought of it that way (hair on my head is probably 5-6 years old!). This was very helpful :)

  4. No Problem Ladies! Glad I could help!
    Joy, Can't wait to see you!