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About: Lift Cosmetics

Here on the Lift Beauty Boutique Blog, I write about numerous product lines, but predominantly when discussing make-up I refer to Lift Cosmetics
So, here's the basic info about Lift Cosmetics...

Lift Cosmetics was developed with the consumer in
mind, by two Canadian makeup artists Emily and Lauren. 
Lift Cosmetic products are price
conscious as well as skin conscious.
Fortified with anti-oxidants, vitamins and
proteins to strengthen your skin, Lift Cosmetics
are as good for your skin as they are easy to
use. With a wide range of colours to choose
from you are sure to find the look that’s perfect
for you and your skin. 
 Lip Glosses: Lift Cosmetics Glosses are loved for their easy application, shiny appearance, long lasting wear and non-sticky finish. With antioxidants, proteins and oils that moisturize and repair much like a balm, you lips are sure to notice the difference.
Hint of Mint Lip Glosses: Hint of Mint Lip
Glosses are formulated with all of the same
enriching ingredients and benefits as our
original Lip Glosses. These super hydrating
Glosses have the added benefit of Aloe,
Vitamins C and E and have an appealing
Spearmint scent and flavour.
Lip Plumper: Our Lip Plumping Gloss uses
peppermint extract to plump your lips naturally
with a gentle tingle. This formula also
features the moisturizing benefit of Avocado
and Jojoba Seed Oil.
Lipsticks: Lift Cosmetic Lipsticks are enriched with Vitamin E, Anti-Oxidants and other lip pampering ingredients to ensure proper hydration. The long lasting formula is available in a wide range of rich colours as well as matte and gloss shine formulas.
Mineral Lipsticks: These are a relatively new addition to the family. These lipsticks have a high concentration of Vitamin E which acts like a treatments for your lips! But not only that, they are infused with Tangerine and Vanilla Oil for moisture and a wonderful light scent.
Eyeshadows: Lift Eye Shadows are triple-milled for a silky texture to allow for the smoothest application and extreme blend-ability. These Shadows are oil-free, and can be used wet or dry,and are available in matte or pearl finishes.
*We have our Classic Collection (seen in picture above) of our most popular colours that are available year round. Four times a year we launch limited edition collections that stray from our Classics.
Blush: Similar to Lift Eye Shadows, our Blushes are triple milled for an easy and blend-able application. These silky blushes are available in a wide spectrum of colours and finishes, matte, shimmery, pearl or pixie.
*We have a Classic Collection of 15 Blushes that range from highlighters to contours and everything in between. Just like our eye shadows we launch limited edition collections periodically over the year. 
Super Lash Mascara: Our Super Lash Mascara is a treat for your lashes,with conditioning ingredients such as Vitamin E and Keratin. Not only does our mascara take care of lashes, it also extends and thickens them for a more youthful look. With the large applicator wand this mascara will coat lashes in one quick sweep while the conditioning properties keep lashes soft all day long so the mascara doesn’t flake.
*also available in waterproof  
 Lash Primer: Our ultimate lash primer will help add length and thickness to your lashes, while also enriching and conditioning them with soy protein. This product is applied before mascara, to protect the lashes from breakage. We condition our hair, we should also condition our lashes.
Brow Gel: This clear non-sticky gel dried super fast and will keep your brows in place all day.

 Flawless Finish: One of our best sellers! This oil-free creme to powder foundation evens skin tone. Flawless finish can be used as a concealer or a foundation leaving the skin with a gorgeous dewy look. FF has an oil absorbing formula which helps with problematic skin. 
Camo Concealer: Our rich and creamy formula covers skin imperfections
with ease. Camo Concealer is water (tear) resistant and easy to blend with a tone of pigment making it simple to cover scars, birthmarks or hard to conceal areas and tattoos! 
Dual Powder: Our full coverage compact powder can be used wet or dry. It's perfect for any skin type and lasts forever! It's formula prevents settling into fine lines and looks super natural.
Lift Bronzers: Our bronzers come in a generous compact! Triple milled for extremely blend-able and layer-able application.  Our bronzers are oil-free and can be used on the body or face!
Lift Lip Pencils: They say your lips are the first body part to show again. Our lip liners are infused with anti-oxidants to help the problem. Their creamy formulation glides on with ease, great for lining or filing the entire lip!
Lift Eye Pencil: Extra Creamy formula to prevent pulling on the sensitive skin of the eye! These liners make application quick and easy!

That's it for now, but Lift is always adding new shades, and new products to our collection! Keep checking back...
We will be launching 2 new products and some new lippie colours for summer, very soon!



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