Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Short Get-Away!

You know how it works: Tuesday's = Weekend Gossip Sesh!
It was one of my FAVOURITE lady's Birthday this weekend!

She is strong, confident, accomplished, smart and most of all an amazing friend!

Happy Birthday to my long time friend Robin! I love you!

In honour of her big day, a bunch of us went to Collingwood for a little get away...

Okay, I admit it, it was for a ski trip, and I DON'T SKI!!! Hahah

...but I wouldn't have missed it, as Saturday night was her 25th Birthday Celebration! I had to bring the Champagne and the party of course!

I was only leaving the city for 1 night and 2 days, and honestly I sat in my room for about an hour on Friday night, thinking... "What do I bring??"

Pathetic, I know... but this is who I am! A true girly girl at heart... really though, what does a none skier bring on a ski trip? I decided to act as if I was low maintenance, and pack just the essentials, hahah!

You would be impressed, I only brought my...

Lift Dual Powder - can't live without it!

My Lift "Natural Glow" powder blush - just brightens my skin up a tad

My "Crush On You" shadow - a total staple for highlighting the inner eye, cheek bones, and bridge of the nose.

-and -

My "Super-Lash" mascara - no worries of smudges with this stuff!

Oh and of course my "Vitamin E Stick" for Lip Protection - and it leaves a bit of a gloss finish!

I was pretty impressed with myself for being able to narrow down my kit like that!
What are your essentials on a quick get-away??

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  1. I pack light too - or at least, I try to!

    Mascara - the lashblast since I find it can do anything on its own; bronzer or powder (depends on the time of year; highlighting shadow in a creamy ivory colour; lip gloss; and eyeliner - I love eyeliner.