Thursday, March 18, 2010

Here Comes the Bride...

Generally we do a product review/feature on Thursday's... but today we are going to switch it up a little cause we need your feedback!

One of our own is getting MARRIED, this coming June at Casa (Castle) Loma! So Exciting...
Congrats Lauren and Greg!

Our Lovely Lady is having a hard time choosing her "look" for the big day!

Here are some pics, check them out and let us know which you prefer!

Keep in mind; 

Summer Wedding, Castle Loma, Ball Gown, Cathedral Vail....

The First Look We Like to Call: Soft Romantic Bride
  • Hair: Soft Curls pinned back into a loose and romantic Up-do with some face framing pieces.
  • Make-up: Heidi Klum inspired, glowing but muted! Looks awesome Joy!

The Second Look We Like to Call: Ballerina Bride
  • Hair: It doesn't look perfect because we did it straight from the curly texture of the first look! But picture this massive smooth bun, placed a little higher on her head. *Think; Carrie Bradshaw/Or a Modernized Audrey Hepburn.
  • Make-up: A stronger Look, A little more drama to the eyes and a bold PINK Lip!

Tell us what you think. Should we start all over with a completely new look? Or choose one of these?
Remember to keep the princess/castle theme in mind...
We can't wait to hear what you think!


  1. Oh my goodness! Lauren looks gorgeous with both looks!! I'm partial to the first look -- love the softness of the hair.


  2. Lauren is one of those lucky girls that looks stunning no matter what! I agree with Michelle - I'm more partial to the first look. Love the romantic softness of the hair and makeup. :)

  3. I love the Soft Romantic Bride look! It definitely suits the ambiance and mood of a wedding at Castle Loma too.

  4. YES I agree #1! Love #2, but not for the wedding and not for Casa Loma!!

    - Carly ;)

  5. The first look is so pretty! I think both suit Lauren but #1 takes the cake.

  6. My vote is for look #1 soft and pretty is the way to go ;) Great job u 2

  7. Thanks everyone!!!
    It's so funny, the people who saw BOTH in person thought look #2 was the ONE to go with!
    Now Laur really has a tough choice to make!!!
    Maybe we will try a few more options...
    If we do, I will be sure to post!

  8. Now that I know Lauren has a gorgeous ballerina type tiara, I'm thinking the hair look #2 just higher on the head would look best paired with the makeup look #1! :) Can you do again and post with the headband??

  9. Lauren and I thank you SOO much for your input!
    You'll have to wait till June to see her FINAL decision!
    P.S. Her Bridal shower was this weekend, it was BEAUTIFUL! Tuesday will be a gossip sesh about it!
    P.P.S. Her Mother and Sisters are partial to look #2!! Wonder which she will choose!