Friday, March 19, 2010

Cocktail Recipe of Polish Junkies!

Okay Polish Collectors; I have you in mind...
Here's a quick trick that I use to save $$ and have triple the number of polish colours to choose from!

I have invested in Orly's Super Rich 'BLACK OUT' and 'WHITE TIPS' (Their Black and White Polishes, $12.00each), to wear on their own, to do a french, or to cocktail with some of my other fav colours!
How to:
Try applying a super smooth layer of Black Out or White tips - let it dry and then add a layer of one of your favorite colours in your collection to get a new shade!
This is one of my FAVORITE tricks!

Call to order your Orly Back Out and White Tips and receive 15% off your order. 416-960-5438

Thanks for your hand Melly! 3 Polish's 5 Colours!

Thumb: Black Out
Index Finger: Black Out & Pink Lemonade
Middle Finger: Pink Lemonade
Ring Finger: White Tips
Pinky Finger: White Tips & Pink Lemonade

Try it out and let us know what you think! Xo

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