Friday, March 12, 2010

Oscar Buzz!

You didn't think I would go without talking about the Oscars AT ALL, did you??
Friday's and Saturday's are Tip and Trick Days, So let's foucs on the most talked about "looks" of the 2010 Oscars and see how I can help you recreate it at home! Hope you enjoy.. Xo

Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bullock's hair Stylist seem to been part of the few who didn't get the memo that having hair UP, is totally IN!

As I am sure you all notices all of the fashionista's had they hair pulled back for the big night! Most of them where showing volume and texture which made the styles look less manicured and more organic to juxtipose their well polished jewlery and perfectly hemmed dresses!

(Miley Had the best of this look, but we will be using here for tomorrow's make-up tips!)

Here's how you can do it at home in 10 easy steps...

  1. Don't wash your hair for 2 days!
  2.  Apply DUST IT, by Osis to the roots!
  3. Flip your head upside down and place your hands (with fingers spread apart) at the root and shake shake shake!
  4. Flip back over and your hair should be pretty messy and big! Spray that mess with ELASTIC, by Osis *On promo at Lift right now! Receive a free Dry style and Mini Make-up App Certificate with the purchase of any Osis Hair Spray.
  5. If you like LOTS of volume, add a little back combing.
  6. Divide the hair into 2 sections and put each section into a pony, one above the other.
  7.  Use a tail comb or your fingers to pull and loosen the hair near your face. Leave it messy!
  8. Curl the 2 pony's, brush them out, and then tease!
  9.  Now start pinning!
  10. Spray again with Elastic and TADAAA!!! Looks Beautiful!

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