Thursday, March 25, 2010

Exposing your Toes!

Open Toe Shoes and Cute little Sandals are in ALL of the stores and sooner than later they will be out on the streets and ON your FEET!

You know what makes a really pretty pair of sandals, not so pretty?
Yellowed NAILS!

Okay ladies, I know some of you have experienced this for one reason or another and you aren't alone!
Many women AND men have this problem!
For us ladies it isn't THAT bad, we can just cover it up with a great pedicure and nail polish!
But if you want a french, or a sheer light colour, you're in trouble with yellowed nails.
So here's a little trick:
Try rubbing whitening toothpaste on your nails for 2-5 minute and then wash!
Sounds strange right?
Fact: Your hair and nails are made of the same protein (keratin) as your teeth!
What works for your teeth, should work for your nails!  
P.S. No Shame in Having your man do it too! 

*By doing this you may temporarily remove the natural shine from you nails, but it will come back and in the mean time you can wear them MATTE, which is totally in, or put some shiny top coat on!
Hope This Helps... Xo


  1. wow neat trick im so gonna try this thanks :)

  2. No Problem! Let me know how it works for you!