Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lauren's Lingere Shower!

Hey Ladies, 
Hope you had an amazing weekend! I would like to formally introduce you to my other half - Not my Boyfriend but my BFF, Partner in Crime & fellow
Lift Beauty Girl!
You have heard LOTS about her and even seen pics of her STUNNING face, and now here she is with HER weekend Gossip Sesh... *She definitely had a more eventful weekend than I!

Heeeeerrrrreeeee'ss Laaaaauuuuurrrrreeen... 
(That was my attempt to type out how an announcer would welcome her! haha)

Thanks for the warm welcome Ladies, I'm Lauren and I can't wait to get to know you!
This weekend marked the official (or not so official) start of wedding season! I had my bridal shower this Sunday and it was really a Beauty Girl's dream! Plus having the Lift Beauty Girls there was great, we had impromptu makeup and hair touch ups as needed, hmmm that's a fun idea for the pre-bachelorette party!
My Maid of Honour (Big Sis) put together a beautiful afternoon where Lace met Tea Cups for this super fun gathering of girlish sweets (complete with lipstick sugar cookies) and lingere gifts.

I knew cameras would be SNAP snap SNAPPING all day long, and since I was the guest of honour I felt I should doll myself up to fit the theme of Girlie Lingerie Garden Tea Party
(Photo: Left-Big Sis Alicia, Middle-Little Sis Beanie & ME!)
*My Gorgeous sisters are Lift Cosmetics and Osis fanatics, their "looks" were LIFT looks 100%!

I felt tousled hair would be suiting for the lingere theme but with a rosy 50's inspired makeup look would match the tea party side of it all. I figured I would go bridal with a white dress, complete with bustier style stitching and an a-line skirt. 
Here's how I got my LOOK:
I know Emily's already taught you all of the tips and tricks to getting that tousled look with your hair, but here's a recap - she taught me how to do this, I'M NO HAIR STYLIST (like her), If I can do this, you can do this!

1. Washed my hair before bed, put some Buff and Morrocan Oil in it to leave it soft and shiny. Then got some beauty sleep.
2. Woke up a little early and plugged in my curling iron in first thing!
3. Brushed out my hair and sprayed some Glamour Queen in it to freshen and give it some volume.
4. Twisted sections around my iron *Held the iron horizontally to give it more of a 50's roller set look.
5. Next step: I got some breakfast, did my makeup, danced around to Lady Gaga. All of this action loosened my girls and gave me that messy look!
6. Right before I left my place I sprinkled some Dust It on my roots, flipped my head over and Shook it Out!!
7. Voila!

My Make-up, a Complete Lift Cosmetics Look...

1. A 50's tea party look NEEDS glowing skin. Mixed a little of Camouflage Concealer (I used Light Beige) into my moisturizer and smoothed it over my skin.
2. Dusted my skin with Dual Powder Foundation (I used N2, cause I'm pale)
3. Applied 502 Glazed Amethyst Blush underneath my cheek bones to create definition.
4. Then brightened my cheeks with 471 Cotton Candy Blush, a gorgeous soft shimmering rose colour, by applying it over the apples of my cheeks and over my eyelids.
5. HIGHLIGHT, HIGHLIGHT, HIGHLIGHT. I used Pink Opal Shimmer over my cheekbones, inner corner of my eyes, and on the brow bone.
6. Lined my upper lash line with Onyx Eyeliner, kicking it up at the ends just a little bit for that 50's style eyeline.
7. Uses as much mascara as my lashes could handle. I used the Lash Primer first to create an even fuller lash look and to keep my lashes really healthy.
8. Finished it off with a pink rosy lip. I chose Crush from our Mineral Lipstick Collection to keep my lips super soft.

Well, there you have it, some simple tricks for my shower inspired look! Come into the store and I will show you the products in person! Mention this post and I will give you 15% off any of the suggested products!


  1. Such fun! Loved the garden-lingerie theme - everyone looked gorge!

  2. Awe congrats Lauren great first entry ;) You all looked stunning

  3. Gosh you girls are so pretty! Love the hair and makeup Lauren :)