Saturday, July 31, 2010

A New Product From Lift Cosmetics - Eye Fix

     Eye Fix 
Lift Cosmetics' Perfect Eye Primer & Highlight in One!  

  Lift Cosmetics' newest addition, Eye Fix is super creamy and easy to apply!   

Not only will it help keep your eye shadow in place but it will brighten the skin around your eyes!  
The Lift Beauty Girls have added Eye Fix to their every day routine, so should you!

  It's quick & easy to use, while still being SUPER effective! 

*Eye Fix can be applied with your fingers (Make sure to wash those hands first),  a sponge, or a brush - do what you find easiest!

  Different uses for Eye Fix: 
For the Natural Beauty:  Eye Fix is most effective when applied post moisturizer to the inner corner of your eyes, brow bones, & cheek bones. Placing Eye Fix on these areas really brightens your eyes and make your features pop!  
For the Make-Up Diva: Apply to all the same places as our Natural Beauty but focus on  blending Eye Fix over the eyelid and under the eyes to help hold concealer and shadows! You'll notice the difference in how bright you look and how long your smokey eye lasts! 

Wanna put Eye Fix to the Test? Pop in to try it out....

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