Tuesday, July 6, 2010

DIY Up Do, to cover post workout hair!

As promised, Some easy UP styles for the 'not so freshly washed' hair....
Today's Style, is called: The Shell... 
*My hair is CRAZY long, it works better on shorter locks! 

 Here's what I started with... This is what my hair looks like after 2 days with out shampooing, and one sweaty workout! (After my workout I used the tips I gave you in my previous post to keep it looking as FRESH possible)

Because I already had a little bit of Dust It in my hair, it was VERY easy to get volume with some back-combing.

Using a comb, add volume to the top of your head by teasing. I generally add WAY more height than I would ever need! It's easier to remover volume than ADD more volume!

Using my hands, and a small cushion brush I pulled my hair into a pony tail. *Don't be afraid to really brush threw the top layer of back coming, you will still have height!  

I personally like to leave a bit of texture on the pony, but you can pull it completely smooth if you would like!

Here's what it looked like, from the back!
I could take a strand of hair from the pony, wrap it around the elastic, pin it to stay and be done.... but I thought I would should you something a bit more complex!


Okay, So I took ANOTHER elastic and wrapped it around the original pony 2 times, on the 3rd I only pulled the hair, half way through.

*When I was in High School a lot of girls wore their hair like this.... YIKES, let's keep going...

From here take the tail (the hair that isn't forming the loop) and use it to hide the elastic by wrapping it around and pinning!

The 'loop,' or fold over of hair is hollow. Fish a bobby pin through the loop to the lowest point or center of looped hair. Pin that portion of hair down to your scalp. Then play with the rest of the hair, on either side of the first pin to find a shape that you like. Keep fishing pins through the loop and pin to the scalp. Repeat this on the other side of initial pin! Tadaah!! You have a classy and elegant shell!                                               P.S. Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of the back of your head??? YEASH!

The Shell can be worn lower on the nape or higher on the crown! You can also flip the shell, by pulling it up and pinning it above the pony, rather than bellow! Remember, practice makes perfect!

Finishing Touches:
Spray with Osis Freeze to Hold in Place and to hold down any fly aways...
Use black liquid liner, lots of highlight and a bold lip to polish it all off!


  1. Love it!
    I need to see you soon - my hair is out of control! ;-)

  2. @Michelle Will you be trying the Shell in you hair? If so, I wanna see pics! can't wait to see you! xo
    @Anj Glad you like it too, will you be trying it? It's also great for brides...