Thursday, July 15, 2010

...Continued Skin care for summer skin: Before Bed Tricks

Bed Time Tricks:
1.   As mentioned in my last post, you should only be washing your face once a day! Bed time is the perfect time to do it! Wash off the day and any makeup by using Lift’s Alpha Hydroxy Cleanser. This deep cleanser will remove dirt and make-up to help avoid breakouts and blackheads - prevalent in summer from sweating!

2.    TONE AGAIN! Apply Lift’s Alpha Hydroxy Toner to a cotton round and smooth over your skin to keep PH levels in check. 

3.    Finish off with Lift’s Alpha Hydroxy Moisturizer to keep your skin from overproducing oils in your sleep.  

Using this routine at night and the last post's routine in the morning will totally help with breakouts and overly shiny/sweaty skin! Remember, SPF is SOOOO important year round, but even more so in the summer!

* Lift Cosmetics' Alpha Hydroxy products help gently exfoliate, this is what helps to control oil, reduce the look of fine lines and improve skin colouring - All glowy and smooth.
 Call Lift and ask how you can get a complimentary Skin Cleansing Treatment to feel the difference! 416-960-5438

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