Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lauren’s last update on beauty from the fabulous land of France!

After spending 5 days in Paris, we spent the last half of our trip in the French Rivera. Such an amazing trip and what beautiful views we saw. For this half of the trip it was just relaxing and sitting by the pool in the sun most days and going out for dinner at night. Now I definitely wanted to incorporate some of the chic beauty looks I used in Paris but a vacation by the pool requires some modifications.

For sunny vacations I know the beauty drill... SUNSCREEN. In the morning I would make sure to load my hair up with Blonde Me Leave in Conditioner and Buff to protect my hair from the sun then I would just twist it up into a bun. For my face I strict SPF 60 or higher (I am very fair) and then I went with just a little of Lift Cosmetics Flawless finish to make my skin look even, used some of our Waterproof Black Mascara too. But a day of swimming in chlorine and sunning can make for some messy hair so I opted against the messy bun for evening. After a day in the sun I had to struggle just to comb through all my frizz!
 To get a chic evening look after that scary pool hair I would load my hair with Moroccan Oil to get it to smoothed out and brushed through nicely. Then I would pull it into a low pony tail and just pin it up randomly to secure it. I don’t have any pictures of it from the back sadly but just picture the big bun I showed you before but placed lower.
 (This isn't my hair - mine looked a bit messier, this is on a client at Lift done by Emily, but it gives you an idea of how it looked!)
I kept the front really smooth and frizz free to look more elegant. Then I did a subtle version of our Paris makeup look to polish off my evening style. Some Oynx Liner, Flirt Lipstick and a little Flawless Finish and some Waterproof mascara and I was set! 

Well now you know all the hot beauty looks I discovered in Paris! Summer in Toronto is the perfect place to try them out! Any questions on how to perfect your own summer look? Just call Lift at 416-960-5438 and you can come in for a complimentary consultation. Or get the Lift Beauty Girls to come to you to teach you and your friends the new looks at home by planning a beauty party. Call us for details! 416-960-5438

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