Thursday, August 26, 2010


Bridal Bling... without the steep price tag...
We've shown you a few of our Bridal Accessories on Kelly & her Ladies but we thought you may want to see more...

*As shown in all of the bridal mag's, hair bling is totally IN!!! From Sparkles to feathers - we've got every one of your styles covered!

Brooches, Clips, Combs, tiaras and hair bands... GORGEOUS!
Most brides keep their veil in ALL night, so that they "feel like a Bride," but a veil ALL day and not can be a pain in the A**! So we suggest a tasteful hair accessory for after when you remove the veil, after the ceremony! Trust us, taking that veil off will feel totally freeing!

These little pieces are not just for the brides! 
Let's not be selfish ladies... 
They're a great gift for your bridal crew, to be used in their hair, on their bouquet or pinned on their dresses.

The best part is, they aren't a one time wear, these brooches, hair bands, and combs can be worn time and time again! Our collection is timeless, Lauren gave me a stunning brooch on my bouquet at her wedding, I've already worn it on a boring dress, and plan to sport it many a time over the holiday season!
*These items range in price from $40-90.00's and there are PLENTY more to see!
Come see us on September 11th (BLOW OUT SALE) between 12-4pm to see them in person!

Or invite the Lift Beauty Girls over, for a Girl's Night In of shopping, make-up, hair and nails...
We're coming for FREE in the months of September and October!
Call to book your FREE party 416-960-5438
Or Click HERE for more information!

No wedding in site?? Or already done the bridal thing?? 
NO WORRIES!! We've also taken an amazing collection of every day jewelry & accessories, hair bands, necklaces, bracelets, etc. Here's a sneak peak...

Visit again on Saturday to see more pics...
I'm in love with it all, don't know if you'll be able to pry my hands off of some of these items! 
He he he..

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